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TeleNav Track GPS solution over mobile phones to tracking down doctors

Carilion Clinic and TeleNav have announced the implementation of TeleNav’s TeleNav Track GPS solution over mobile phones, to assist Carilion with the location and deployment of ambulances and emergency medical teams during local organised events. The Carilion Clinic is western Virginia’s leading healthcare partner. Carilion Patient Transportation Services was recently tasked with providing medical response teams for events that take place at the Martinsville Speedway, which often attracts thousands of people. With TeleNav Track, Carilion is now able to pinpoint emergency medical service (EMS) providers down to the section they are standing by at the speedway. This feature of TeleNav Track has reduced emergency response times to around one minute from the time a call is received to when the team arrives on the scene. Additionally, Carilion uses TeleNav Track’s online reporting tool that can show where all team members have been throughout the event.

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