Chennai-based company, Heartline Telemedicine Services has tied up with an Israeli company, Cardguard to introduce telemedicine service in India. It is now possible to get a health check-up simply by the use of technology like bluetooth, GPRS, Java and WiFi. The technology allows patients to be monitored anywhere right from a basic health check-up to a test like ECG and the blood pressure through pocket personal computers and even mobile or basic telephones. The facility also provides accessibility to a doctor or a specialist round the clock. The technology will be very helpful in case of an emergency as the results would be transmitted through telephone or satellite from anywhere to a base computer in the hospital and the doctors would follow up immediately. This technology has five products that address five different conditions that can be monitored through wireless technology. These are SelfChec ECG, SelfCheck BP wireless blood pressure and pulse rate monitor, Oxy Pro, Spiro Pro, SelfCheck Glucose system.

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