Upgrading patient care technology beginning with St. Anthony’s Hospital, Effingham

The Hospital Sisters Health System plans to implement a new clinical, registration and patient accounting system, provided by Medical Information Technology Inc., or Meditech, beginning with St. Anthony’s Hospital in Effingham in October 2007. The new system will allow nurses to document care at the patient’s bedside using wireless computers on wheels and barcode scanners. Caregivers will have a complete up-to-date patient record, showing all of the care delivered to the patient. Patient safety is a main focus of the new system, with this system, the nurses will be able to scan a patient’s ID bracelet and the barcode on medications, updating the patient’s records and warning of any allergies, test results and medication dosages. Under this system, doctor or nurse will also scan their own identification so that the system can record exactly who administered the dose, what patient received it and how, when and where it was given. The Meditech system will be installed in all 13 Hospital Sisters hospitals within five years.


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