Better-quality health care with IT in Arizona

The University of Arizona’s College of Medicine campus in Phoenix will train a new breed of Arizona doctors. Basic sciences will be woven into a broader range of clinical teachings at the Phoenix program. Arizona residents will soon begin applying the program. The graduates will provide better-quality care, using IT relevant to a diverse and growing spectrum of patients, including those living in underserved rural areas.  Although the Phoenix program is part of the Tucson college’s accredited programs, but it will not be exactly the duplicate of that used in the Tucson campus. In Arizona and elsewhere, some physicians are treating patients through the television links. By 2015, enrollment at the Phoenix campus is expected to reach 150 students annually. In Phoenix, the faculty intends to focus on the components like personalised medicine, biomedical informatics, scholarly work and a team-based approach to medicine. Experts say that physicians may someday be able to read each patient’s genetic code and use the data to determine the best treatment. The study of personalised medicine and ways to treat patients at a distance will be ‘threaded’ throughout the program.


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