eINDIA 2015

eINDIA 2015 – Dr Vinod R Rao, Mission Director, National Health Mission, Government of Gujarat

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Game changer

Healthcare is one of the sectors that has implications for a common man more than any other sector. There is no other sector that has so much scope of application of technology relevant to a common man than on the health sector. Over the decades, we have experimented with the application of technology and have seen remarkable outcomes. In health mission, the Mother and Child Tracking System (MCTS) has turned out to be a game changer. Gujarat claims to be the state to have undertaken the initiative, called eMamta, some five years ago. So far, it has been a successful intervention in taking numbers towards names. Till now, interventions in the health sector were not controlled, rather monitored using numbers. The number of deliveries registered, ANC registrations, early ANC registrations, many high-risk pre-natal detections, etc., are monitored based on numbers. However, there is no mechanism to cross verify whether it in a scientific manner. We have e-Auluk which came into operation recently, it is a computerised birth and death registration system.

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