The Society for Administration of Telemedicine and Health Informatics (Sathi) has joined hands with a Hyderabad-based engineering institute to jointly develop a cloud-based app, which facilitates prompt medical attention to a patient even if there is no doctor available at short notice.

“We are developing a tool for measurement of wounds that will be hosted on the cloud and released under a non-propriety open source licence,” Dr Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru, President of International School of Engineering (Insofe), was quoted as saying by The Times of India.

The app will be a boon for remote area hospitals where non-availability of doctors is a major issue. It will enable the nurse to take a photograph of the wound, feed it into the computer system software, and in hardly any time an analysis of the wound will come up with suggestions on how to handle it by giving first aid, said Dr Sridhar Pappu from Insofe who is involved in developing the application.

“Once the photograph of the wound is fed, the image process algorithm is run. Since there is already big data available on different kinds of wounds and the treatment provided for specific wounds, the system compares the wound and detects what it is, the depth of it, and shows how it was treated earlier,” Dr Sridhar Pappu explained.

The app highlights how data science analytics and latest technology can be utilised to bridge the wide healthcare gap in the country’s health system.

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