HeyCare: Bridging the gap between patients and healthcare

Deepak Tomar, Founder, HeyCare

HeyCare believes that a happy lifestyle is the key to a healthy future and better lives. In sync with the technical and digital advancements, the HeyCare app is a platform designed to empower patients in taking care of their health and medications. It allows the users upload prescription; order medicines from the pharmacist; monitor a child’s upcoming immunity shots, search the best diagnostic labs in the vicinity and enables patient counselling as a value added feature of, says Deepak Tomar, Founder, HeyCare, as he speaks about his new venture.


HeyCare is a unique product and has a caring approach towards its users. What was the central motivation behind it?

HeyCare is unique in the fact that it brings about a great companionship between the healthcare world and your fingertips. The motivation or intent behind its inception is simple yet critical “ to make healthcare accessible to one and all. At the technological level, there is quite a gap between the patients and the health care services. There is a general reluctance on our part, especially we Indians, to actually go and visit a doctor or a hospital; and those of us who do so,still need a nudge or a gentle reminder to take our medicines timely and adopt certain healthy lifestyle practices. In a world where all our needs, from cosmetics to groceries, are available at the tap of a screen, there is a fine gap in the e-commerce arena when it comes to our medical needs.

HeyCare steps in at this point and takes care of you by not only bringing in all your health-related information to you but also by offering you a platform for consultation sessions with reckoned healthcare providers without leaving the comfort of your home. The pill reminder feature is unique as it helps you stay on track with your medicines that you otherwise may tend to miss out on in your busy lifestyle.


Holistically speaking, HeyCare is here to take care!


Health care is an emerging market and quite a few new players are emerging in the sector. What is it that you say sets HeyCare apart from the rest?

The other apps that are available in the market are functional while giving access to the world of healthcare, while HeyCare is different in the relationship that it builds by creating a bridge between chemists, doctors, diagnosticians and the patients to provide a professional patient counseling. The unique pill and vaccination reminder feature is what has made the app popular and adds a personal touch for the user. It is for this reason that an app that was covering only Gurugram in October 2016, has spread to so many more cities and would soon be providing its services pan India.


It all began pretty well for you, but HeyCare is young still. Where do you see it going in near future?

The idea is simple “ to make the healthcare services simpler, convenient & better. In the times to come, HeyCare app would work to provide the following services and keep enhancing its existing features to offer a complete healthcare services platform.

  • Making medicines available online
  • Making OTC & wellness products available online
  • Making diagnostics and other lab tests accessible
  • Providing an exclusive wallet making online payments easier
  • Making online appointments with doctors
  • Providing patient counselling
  • Facilitating B2B verticals
  • Making medical insurance easy
  • Providing a recommendation engine

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