Coronavirus infection

Medicines to treat Covid 19 or Vaccines, with FDA and other approvals will take a long time, may be in years. If infected and develop symptoms related to Lung, Liver, Heart, Kidney, life supporting measures such as ventilators are mandatory till the body overcomes the infection or succumbs to infection. Hence it is important to avoid viral infection or enhance our inherent energy to fight infections with following Health Guidelines:

A. OIL: Corona is a nonliving virus particle having protein core surrounded by Lipid coat. Oil destroys the lipid coat of the virus. Any oil like virgin Coconut or mustard oil is best. The large concentration of medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) including lauric acid (LA) and its monoglyceride form, monolaurin have strong antiviral properties. (1)

Abhyanga (self-body massage) at least twice a week is good, preferably empty stomach, nicely rub the whole body with warm oil, straight and rotating actions provide good work for the body. With little finger dipped in warm oil and smeared well lubricate your nostrils and ears. Smear the eyes with warm ghee (apply like kajal with little finger dipped in ghee). This will block all the holes through which virus enters. Do this especially before you go out of the house.

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B. Heat: Lipid and protein Coat of the virus just melt by heat. As soon as you come home gargle with hot water 5-6 times. If you are outside keep sipping hot water. It should slowly trickle through your throat which is the first site for viral multiplication. If few viral particles enter the stomach it will be good to develop immunity in the intestines. Sip hot water with food compulsorily. The temperature should be more than warm water, tolerable to you. The virus thrives on the throat at least for 6 hours. Hot water and steam inhalation are the two best methods to destroy the virus in the throat.

C. Food: eat only wen u r hungry/regulate your quantity so that you feel hungry at the right time. Skip night meal during these 21 days. This is also called as intermittent fasting (18 hours). It preserves the digestive energy to fight the viruses and protects you from gaining wait.

Remember your best police guard is your Agni(ur digestive fire) ..Keeps it burning well so that it burns down the trespassers immediately! Stop snacking mindlessly! Have One tsp melted ghee with every hot meal. (Make sure your food is hot) avoid it with cold food.

D. Tea: When you feel your appetite is not ok have one glass tea, made of Tea powder, and crushed small piece of ginger, 4-5 pepper seeds, 2-3 clove, sugar for taste. This tea has antiviral actions (2), can be consumed after food or 2-3 times a day.

E. Exercise: Keep doing house hold work especially sweeping, cleaning, washing etc. This is much better than nonproductive exercise like jogging within the house, which produces only sweat. House hold work is productive, purposeful and body secretes many good hormones like Serotonin, Dopamine and Oxytocin apart from sweat. These hormones protect you from illness.

F. Pranayam and Meditation: are the two best things one can learn and do during the lock down period. Start with Kapalabhati, which forcefully drives all microorganisms out through the nose, Anuloma Viloma for balancing act and Bhastrika to enhance the vital capacity of the lungs. These are very good to strengthen the lungs where the Virus multiplies. Do at least for 10 minutes (total), increase the duration as much as you like.

Remember, Corona virus is a week organism, but spreads fast. Even though it is in many of the countries, it has not infected more than 99% of the population. Out of the infected more than 95% have recovered completely. Mortality is very low in people less than 50 years. Mortality is more in only people with underlying long standing diseases of heart, lung, liver and kidney. If you do not have those, if you increased your energy to fight virus with above schedule you need not worry about Corona at all. Stop worrying about Corona unnecessarily and start focusing on strengthening your inner natural healer!

(Disclaimer: Dr Balakrishna Shetty, Vice Chancellor, Sri Siddhartha University, Tumakuru. Views expressed are a personal opinion)

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