“Complete Lockdown” of the World. Did we ever imagine this situation. ‘No’ – but this is the present reality of the whole world. Corona Virus has put all countries under lockdown.

We all know it has become pandemic and has worldwide impact without differentiating developed or developing nations, without differentiating between rich or poor without differentiating between religions. It is not sparing anyone.

It is scary to see the impact of Corona infection on developed countries like Italy, US, UK where daily mortality is in hundreds and some places thousands. We all know healthcare systems and these countries are excellent even though they are not able to reduce the death rate of corona patients.

Few days back we all know there was serious confrontation on China for the policies they implemented to control the spread of the disease, but irrespective of that keeping bigger picture in mind china took strong decisions about quarantine of people and disinfecting public areas in big way these efforts are showing results and aggressive medical treatments. We all know there is no new case being diagnosed in China in last couple of days.

In India government has taken appropriate steps to control the spread but it seems still people are not taking the disease seriously. News showed few people being very casual about it but as a doctor I would like to tell everyone corona will not spare anyone and we should not risk lives of our elders and children and high risk people (with diabetes, high BP) because of our approach.

We should understand preventing the spread by doing self quarantine and executing hygiene is the only feasible solution available in current scenario.

I would like to put light on one more important thing. India is a developing nation, we have scarcity and medical and paramedical staff and medical infrastructure as compared to the actual requirements. So if this virus spread increases there will be very big chaos in our country as the resources available are limited thus while keeping our density of population and limitations of medical resources as a medical professional I request all of you to “ STAY AT HOME ”.

I would like to express my gratitude towards my Doctors, Nurses, other Paramedical Staff, Police, Army, Sanitization workers, Media Personals and others for doing immense contribution to save our country from global corona pandemic.

We all can do it together

Thus let us pledge towards social distancing and isolation for 21 days and save our country from disaster.

(Disclaimer: Dr Aditi Karad, Executive Director, VishwaRaj Hospital. Views expressed are a personal opinion.)

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