Annual Capacity Building Plan for Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare stated, “Capacity Building Plans act as ‘Highways’ for focussed output by the competent workforce, and provide a ‘work culture’ to the organisation where individuals with streamlined efforts work with as a team with shared goals and vision”, as he launched the Annual Capacity Building Plan for capacity building of civil servants of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, in the presence of Dr Bharati Pravin Pawar, Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare who joined the meeting virtually.

Dr Mandaviya noted that “India is not short of potential but the need is to harness that towards achieving desired outcomes” as he recalled and reiterated the inspiration given by the Hon. Prime Minister when he launched Mission Karmayogi to improve and hone the capacities of civil servants who run various government organisations. In his remarks, the Union Health Minister acknowledged the hard work of all the participants and said, “The government’s capacity building system needed to be renovated and revitalised, and this initiative is envisioned as the path to further strengthening the civil service machinery.” He emphasised the need for capacity building by saying that enhancing output quality should always come first. 

A comprehensive strategic plan called the Annual Capacity Building Plan (ACBP) is intended to help with the growth and improvement of the capacities of people and Ministry/Department/Organizations (MDOs). The Health Ministry’s Mission Karmayogi Cell, all departmental divisions, and a thorough Training Need Analysis (TNA) for MoHFW was closely involved in the development of the plan by the Capacity Building Commission.

Prior to sharing their knowledge with others, the Union Minister urged training institutes to strengthen their capacity building. He also emphasised that those who have greater capacity become more self-assured and produce better results.

Dr. Bharati Pravin Pawar emphasised that while all members of the public service are involved in providing crucial services to the populace, their involvement in providing health services is even more crucial to ensuring that crucial health services are provided to every citizen.

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The Health Ministry’s Secretary, Shri Rajesh Bhushan, outlined the ministry’s road map and urged the training institutes to take the lead in carrying it out. He emphasised that the goal of this programme is to improve the capacity building of officials in accordance with the needs of the various ministry divisions. “It will also ensure that the vast network of training institutions in the country do not work on a standalone basis but operate as a network to impart skills and training for officials”, he stated. He also noted that the plan is subject to refinement and modifications whenever the need arises.

According to Shri Adil Zenulbhai, Chairman of the Capacity Building Commission, the objective of the Hon’ble Prime Minister is to make capacity building as enticing as possible in order to “pull” people in that direction. He emphasised that the Capacity Building Plan is an effective strategy that would raise the standard of work and assist civil workers in fostering a culture of lifelong learning.

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