Vivek Mahendra

“There should be an inter phase between the technology and business to break the silos of data generation like the creation of data lakes”, stated Vivek Mahendra, Chief Information Officer, StratMed.

Moving on into the conversation, he mentioned, “With the onset of AI, humans are not replaced but are getting involved in roles where more thinking, ideation, and strategising is required. Meanwhile, repetitive processes, data analysis, etc. are the tasks assigned to the AI.”

One learning from the COVID situation is that we should not wait for a situation like Covid to accelerate the output of a new molecular entity and be able to drive accelerated compliance. Therefore, we need to make sure that we can take it to the market at a very fast pace irrespective of a crisis, he said, on the innovation and speed that the pharma industry witnessed during COVID.

“I have worked around understanding the underlying data architectures by looking at the inconsistencies that exist. Go ahead and create data transformation mapping structures that run on transformation engines. On top of that, we can create data lakes and start looking at a possible analysis of a cross-section”, said Vivek.

While automation has a role to play in multiple places, it has to be supported by a very perfectly engineered data management platform that has the ability to break the silos. Most importantly, a series of predefined thresholds and logic sets have to be brought into play. So, the machine can therefore take actions to alert, including humans wherever needed, he concluded.

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