dengue and Covid

With the rise in dengue cases across the country, patients find it difficult to differentiate between the symptoms of dengue and Covid-19 infections. A simple test can clinically clarify the diagnosis doctors noted.

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has notified at least 319 confirmed cases and 3,018 suspected cases within the city limits, since January.

Within the limits of the PMC, 708,815 cases of Covid-19 were detected, with 9,746 deaths reported since the start of the pandemic. According to the State Health Department, the active cases on Sunday were 954 in the Pune district.

The Chairman of the Indian Hospital Board of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Pune, Dr Sanjay Patil stated that patients must visit a doctor if they feel any symptoms of one or the other diseases.

“Dengue fever and Covid-19 have overlapping symptoms, but the main symptoms of Covid-19 are respiratory. High fever and fatigue are common in both cases. In Covid19, fatigue and fever come and go. Doctors often do surveys like the RTPCR to rule out Covid-19. However, the incidence of dengue fever is more due to the rainy season,” said Dr Patil.

He added that when the dengue fever test is positive, doctors advise patients to hydrate more.

He further stated, “Doctors monitor platelets if dengue is positive. Also, dengue conditions are manageable by getting more rest and hydration. Most dengue cases are supported only in OPD. However, after eight days of dengue, there is a condition called dengue shock. Patients should follow up more during this time.”

Dengue has high fever and rashes as the most common symptoms, said Dr Sanjeev Wavare, Deputy Head of Health at the PMC.

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