Dr Nitendra Sesodia

“People pay a doctor for his trouble but for his kindness, they remain in his debt. Their hard work, long working hours, and personal sacrifices truly make them the angels on earth. On this day, we should appreciate the painstaking effort they have made during the Coronavirus pandemic that brought us closer to normal times. However, it’s vital to remember that the country’s public healthcare system only has 0.08 doctors for every 1000 patients. Currently, there is a shortage of more than 6 lakh doctors in India. These alarming numbers signify how a doctor undergoes clinical burden. Therefore, to make the lives easier for the doctors, we provide a range of products to assist health professionals in improving the doctor-patient relationship, increasing patient satisfaction, and reducing the risk of litigation. After all, they are a nation’s builders and saviors for human beings.”

Views expressed by Dr Nitendra Sesodia, Senior Director, Medical Communication & Corporate Sales, Thieme.

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