Corona Update

Being in healthcare for almost a decade now, I have seen how the lifesavers (clinicians) put their hearts out and without caring about themselves. In the times of any medical emergency, they have always taken the lead transcending their duty to serve.

It is not just about healthcare providers but also about all those warriors who are doing their duties to save our lives.

Have we ever thought or introspect how lucky we are who have got this life-saving opportunity from COVID-19 by being indoors and staying safe? I ponder at times do we really care about people who are putting their lives at risk to save our lives? Without their services, we wouldn’t be safe staying indoors.

Have you ever imagined life without these lifesavers? They also have families, and they are also at risk of treating patients as they too are exposed to the same virus

Had they said ‘No’ the public would have pounced on them, abused them, and would have done all to remind them about their duties and responsibilities. But the question which merits attention is, are we doing our duties and fulfilling our obligations? Are we caring towards them? We are not. It is easy to remind others about their duties, but first, we need to abide by it. We just need to stay home and care for ourselves. That’s it! But we are failing to do just our bit. By not obeying to remain at home, we are not only endangering our lives but all those lifesavers, who have been doing their duties rightly. Sweepers, traffic cops, auto drivers, cab drivers, paramedical staff, doctors, nurses, and also the patients who are recovering from this pandemic all will get impacted sooner or later by our irresponsible behavior.

We all need to come together at this difficult time and support our government and providers helping them do their duty by just being indoors and only step out to get the essentials as per requirement. This lockdown is the best time to spend time with your loved and dear ones. Cherish these moments and, at the same time, be responsible for the nation.

If we do not think for others, then why would they care for us.

As per WHO norms, the doctor: patient ratio should be 1:1000, our ratio is 1:1456. We already have a shortage of doctors, and now, due to COVID-19, even doctors and nurses are getting affected, and we face a grim scenario ahead. If we keep on breaking the rules that are made for our safety will only create ruckus and problems for our lifesavers and will have a cascading effect on us. And if there is an increase in the number of doctors becoming patients, we would be left with no providers for it.

Our lifesavers need to be protected so that we all are safe. We should lend a helping hand to them instead of creating problems for them. At this point, they need to focus on treating patients, but we are becoming the problem creators for them and their families. Instead of saluting these warriors, we are stone-pelting and not allowing them to stay at their houses and threatening them to vacate the house, apartments, colonies. If COVID infects a person of our family, do we throw them out of our house, or provide more care and support at this crucial time! Remember, lifesavers are a part of our extended family.

Today, we are as one family, and we need to behave responsibly, or else India would not be far from reaching where Italy and the US stand today!

Be safe, stay indoors, and respect others by physical distancing, practicing hygiene and isolation, and saving our lives as well as of others.

(Disclaimer: Author Mevish P Vaishnav is a policy professional. She is Vice President (Policy) at HealthCare Global Enterprises & Vice President – Government Industry Dialogue – an initiative to bridge the divide between Government and private sector. Views expressed are a personal opinion.)

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