Augnito – ‘Made in India’ Voice-Based AI for Medical Documentation


Obstacles in the adoption of healthcare digitization can be overcome by utilizing voice-based artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Augnito is one such product that provides an advanced AI-based speech-to-text solution that enables digital scribing. Augnito stands for ‘augmented cognition’ and provides an enhanced tool for medical transcription. With Augnito, doctors can keep talking while software automatically converts this speech to text in real-time. This serves to overcome the barriers limiting EMR implementation in healthcare practices. Augnito is India’s first medical speech recognition AI product bootstrapped by Scribe tech, a 22-year-old established healthcare company that has been working with the National Healthcare System (NHS), UK for the past two decades.

Augnito has also been integrated into Wellbeing’s Cris, the UK’s most widely used Radiology Information System (RIS), which will provide significant benefits to radiologists, NHS Trusts, clinicians, and patients.

A result of intense research and development efforts by a team of speech scientists, academicians, and consultants, it is the only product in the Indian market to have an extremely powerful and advanced engine. With Augnito, doctors can keep talking while the software automatically converts this speech to text in real-time.

What makes it different?

  • Simple and user-friendly design

Takes 10 minutes to install & get started with a one-click approach

  • Eliminates the need for manual scribing

Eliminates dependence on clinical comprehension abilities of manual transcribers.

  • Faster and efficient

Enhances physician’s productivity and quality of life.

  • High out-of-the-box accuracy (99%+)

Ensures the highest level of data integrity, thus improving data quality for analytics, audits, and insurance claims

  • No voice profile training needed

Allows doctors to speak at a reasonable speed without any errors

  • Recognizes medical terminologies and abbreviations

Allows doctors to report as they normally would in a written format without forcing any major procedural or behavioural changes

  • Wide medical coverage

Covers more than 50+ medical specialties with an ever-increasing clinical lexicon and drug formulary providing the most updated support for doctors across specialties

  • No spelling mistakes

The entire language of medicine is inbuilt and regularly updated.

  • Negligible learning curve

Voice is the most natural, intuitive medium of communication

  • Easily recognizes Indian accents

Used in 25 states with 100+ enterprise clients in India

  • Easy to integrate

Voice Power your HIS, EMR, PACS, RIS, LIS, and others.

  • Works flawlessly with widely used word processors like Microsoft Word
  • Seamless integration: Easy to use Speech API & SDK available to directly integrate with existing software systems in hospitals, enabling the direct sale to hospitals and independent practitioners
  • Reduces burden on the healthcare system

Improves clinical operational efficiency allowing hospitals to accommodate a bigger patient pool

Accelerates patient care and satisfaction

Real-time reporting reduces the time for diagnosis, clinical processes, and patient discharge.

  • Provides structured data for analytics and research
  • Available on multiple platforms: Web/Desktop/Mobile/Plug-in
  • Free mobile mic: No expensive hardware required
  • Doctor-centric approach: Not a professional threat but an aid for doctors across specialties

Views expressed by Rustom Lawyer, CEO & Co-Founder, Augnito



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