Connect2MyDoctor launches 3D/AR tool on its platform


Connect2MyDoctor, the comprehensive telehealth start-up which utilises technology to deliver high-quality healthcare online has launched cARe, a 3D/AR module for patient education, on its virtual care platform.

cARe, the web and mobile app-supported tool can play a crucial role in telemedicine, enabling an easier explanation of anatomical structures and physiological mechanisms to a layman than a mere video consultation. One important advantage that cARe has is in helping patients and their families understand the details of a medical procedure beforehand.

The integration of augmented reality (AR) into telemedicine has the potential to make a big difference in how healthcare professionals can do their diagnosis and recommend suitable treatment. Whether it is for patient education, diagnosis, or any other timely intervention, cARe can play a transformational role in telemedicine.

“cARe, our 3D/AR module, can be a game-changer not only in terms of patient experience but will also be a great engagement tool for hospitals. Connect2MyDoctor is working on various next-gen AI technology tools taking the game beyond just video consulting, even as AR continues to transform telehealth and the in-patient consultation experience. With cARe, Connect2MyDoctor is all set to revolutionise the way HCPs diagnose, educate and treat their patients”, says Pramod Kutty, CEO & Co-Founder, Connect2MyDoctor.

The ability to highlight and annotate models for a deeper understanding of medical processes is a key feature. The same can be used for doctor-to-doctor interactions, too. The cARe module can be triggered during the consultation. The specialist can choose from the list of models available and proceed with a detailed explanation using zoom, rotate and annotate functionalities. Custom interactions can be designed and integrated as required.

cARe can be used for patient education both during in-person and teleconsultations; Continuing Professional Development (CPDs); Virtual Tumour Boards (VTB), Medical Colleges, etc. These modules can be integrated and used both for OP and virtual care.

3D/AR technologies can amplify the practical learning process, especially for young medicos, as they get ready for the real world of medical practice. cARe, the 3D/AR tool, will reduce/eliminate the need for real patient bodies to learn. Some of the areas 3D/AR technologies can really add value are medical education, understanding complex surgical processes and a clearer understanding of human anatomy.

cARe is downloadable as a stand-alone component enabling hospitals to use it with their existing systems, but is best used with the integrated Connect2MyDoctor platform.


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