Shanay Shah

The healthcare sector is evolving fast, with technology being the main abettor in this transformation. The pace of this change is going to quicken over time, and will revolutionise the manner in which healthcare systems are conceptualised.

Whilst healthcare sector was adopting digital technology, the Covid 19 pandemic-induced lockdowns accelerated it and set the stage for the strengthening of the healthtech segment. The increased use of healthtech solutions enabled remote doctor-patient consultations, allowed doctors to evaluate and diagnose patients, prescribe the medication needed, and other parameters such as vital sign monitoring. Moreover, this technology also helped in keeping healthcare providers safe. We believe that telemedicine has revolutionised the healthcare concept, as it offers a simple, effective, and affordable option. Going forward, we expect heightened attention on keeping medicine precise and affordable. The precision factor will call for professional incorporation of data related to patients and their histories, which in turn will lead to accurate diagnostics. By customizing therapy and treatment on the basis of the disease and patient data, healthcare providers can give the correct treatment in time to the patients. So, we expect technology to change the future of healthcare as it merges data on a patient’s medical history, real-time health, insurance coverage, and other relevant financial information to help support improved patient health, and reduce costs. So, the future of healthcare is likely to be driven by digital transformation, which in turn will be facilitated by interoperable data and accessible platforms. This would involve increasing and evolving approach to care, but reducing wait times. This could also imply evaluating risks to further improve patient safety.

Shanay Shah, President, Shalby Hospital

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