Dr Namrata Rupani

The pandemic greatly affected the dynamics of dental care practice. This was largely owing to the fact that COVID-19 spreads via close contact, and proximity to patients is called for in most dental procedures. However, I believe that the pros outweigh the cons, as there has been a notable increase in the use of technology in dentistry. Two of the most significant changes have been the introduction of computer-assisted design (CAD), and computer-assisted manufacture (CAM). Both, CAD/CAM technology have a number of advantages in addition to infection prevention. They are used by dentists for processes like bridges and crowns. Installing an in-house laboratory in the clinic – which is being done now- saves turnaround time, which in turn leads to a larger number of patients being treated in the same time span. The main focus of the Internet of Things (IoT) in dental care is on preventive care. This, in turn, involves the exchange of data between the dentist and the patient 24X7.

I expect the use of technology in dentistry to increase going forward. Also, new methods will be adopted in this field. There will be an alteration in processes that will benefit the patients, such as increasing their level of comfort during dental processes. It will also aim at making dental processes more cost-effective, as expensive treatments are the main cause that keeps a segment of people away from availing dental treatment. In the future, there will also be increased specializations in forms of dentistry given the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 11% growth for dental hygienist jobs up to the year 2028. Also, an aging population will witness an increased need for dental procedures in the coming years. Dentists can look forward to a very profitable future, with predictions of 7% growth up to 2028. I believe that the future of dentistry is very promising, and statistics support this view.

Dr Namrata Rupani, Founder & CEO, Capture Life Dental Care

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