World Oral Health Day: Stressing on the Significance of Quality Dental Care in the Wake of Covid-19 Pandemic

Dr. Namrata Rupani

Good oral health can act as a barrier against various kinds of diseases including Covid-19, writes Dr Namrata Rupani, Founder & CEO at Capture Life as she offers six tips for maintaining oral hygiene.


This World Oral Health Day, one witness a never seen before global emphasis on dental care. While oral health has always been integral to an individual’s overall wellbeing, the Covid crisis has only accentuated the need to have pivotal conversations surrounding the importance of looking after ourselves and our loved ones and taking effective dental care measures.

Awareness surrounding oral health is important, considering the fact that according to the World Health Organization, oral diseases affect around 3.5 billion people worldwide every year, at some stage in their lives. This is particularly concerning, as most of the conditions are ones that can be avoided with timely and simple measures. Furthermore, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, reports have been published linking poor oral hygiene with the fatality of the virus.

One such report by the Journal of Clinical Periodontology found that people with gum disease were nine times more likely to die from Covid. This illustrates how essential it is to ensure basic oral hygiene in these times, as we protect ourselves from the perils of the pandemic.


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Here are some handy tips to keep our oral health in check while we collectively combat the pandemic:

1. Implement a Religious Oral Care Regimen if You are a High-risk Patient: It is imperative for patients who are more vulnerable to implement a firm and elaborate oral care routine, ideally including brushing and flossing twice a day. This is essential for optimal oral health during this period if they believe they will be exposed while visiting a dentist

2. Do Not Miss out on Regular Dental Check-ups during this Sensitive Time: The resulting lockdown did, understandably, slow down dental visits for a while around the world. But there has never been a more pressing need to see one’s local dentist for a thorough examination and to ensure your whole family does so too

3. When Consuming Fizzy Drinks or Beverages, it is wise to Keep a Straw Handy for Healthy Teeth: As summer dawns, and the consumption of cool beverages increases, it is wise to use a straw to prevent direct contact with your teeth, which can cause acid wear and sensitivity

4. Prevention is Better than Cure: It is important to take all dental precautions and also look out for active signs of inflammation or bad breath, self-examine, and check for early warning signs of trouble if you feel something is amiss with regards to your oral health

5. Staying Hydrated is Key: Always drink plenty of water to keep your saliva active and your oral tissues moist and stable. Also, stop snacking during the day because it can affect tissue health by disrupting saliva levels in the mouth

6. Use Medically Recommended Prescription Products: When it comes to one’s dental tool kit, it is best to inquire about prescription toothpastes, mouthwashes, and other products and use the best medically recommended ones

On this special occasion, that aims to shed light on our oral care, let us keep in mind that dental hygiene is often easy to implement and highly effective. The onslaught of the pandemic only reiterates that looking after our health always pays off in the long run and helps guard us against the gravest diseases.

Lastly, seeking the guidance of a trained professional to keep your health in check is a prerequisite to avoiding serious health issues later in life. As the global population recovers and recuperates from an unprecedented crisis, we can truly move on to a happier healthier lifestyle when we recognize the importance of seeking timely medical care, this World Oral Health Day.

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