Natural 3D methods to detect breast tumor through mammography

3D mammography

Breast cancers have been a common occurrence in the form of tumor in women. Conventional procedures have been quite painful and uncomfortable showing incorrect results. However, new studies have found out that the 3D mammography can deliver accurate results and be more comfortable for women to undergo as well. You will know the actual results comparing the breast tomography synthesis and the Traditional mammography as well. Convention mammography can take only two images of the breast at various angles, but with the 3D tomography, the X-ray can move throughout the chest taking a series of images.

What can 3D screening do?

The tomosynthesis has been very useful because it can detect 30 per cent more number of tumor in the breast compared to the traditional methods. According to the Swedish studies, the 3D screen has been a fruitful method of diagnosis; they still have to determine whether it is a better screening method. This has been the best method of detecting Cancer, and that is why few women without cancers were called to examine their breasts so that the doctors could see the images of the entire breast internally. The process is proved very safe, and there is minimal radiation used. Therefore, one doesn’t need to worry about.

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Here are a few things to know about what 3D mammography can do

1. More than accurate detection – This is better than the 2D traditional methods where you can derive multiple images of the breast using the mammographic technique.

2. Diagnosis before time – Small cancers can be hidden within the overlapping tissue, in addition, it is not possible to spot them with the 2D imaging. Therefore, a more detailed and early diagnosis is probable with the 3D mammography.

3. Detection in dense breast tissue – Younger women with dense breast tissue, can cause shadows and hide overlapping tissues; therefore, you need the 3D mammographic technique to look in and around the breast tissue of women.

4. No false alarms – If women are diagnosed using the 3D mammographic method, then they will be able to stay quite relieved, and they will not have any false alarms as well. Women can prevent anxiety because of this reason.

5. Effective and safe – Women face minimal radiation because of the 3D mammogram. The fallout was approved with the help of 3D mammography, and the benefits of it can easily outweigh the potential risk factor.

Breast cancer is a highly occurring phenomenon in women, and if you are looking forward to the early diagnosis of tumors, then the 3D mammography is the most effective method out of all.

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