10 ways to stay cool in stressful environment


Stress is a part of life. Our everyday lives are affected by different forms of stress. It could be in the workplace, at home or anywhere else. Stress is frustrating and possesses the ability to hinder your routine activities.

It is a universally acknowledged fact that no one performs well when under stress. Often at times when people are under stress, they find it hard to stay motivated. While stress may be a good trigger of creativity for some, others can face difficulties in carrying out their primary activities with ease.

What is the difference between normal and successful people? The latter thrives under pressure by successfully filtering out all the negative thoughts that may be impeding their success. This is what we must all aim to do.

Following are 10 ways to deal with stressful environments and stay motivated.

1) A New Perspective

There is a motto that says things are what you want them to be. This is why we believe that perceptions are very important. When in a stressful situation, you must think of high-pressure moments as a challenge rather than a threat.

If you consider stress to be a threat, it takes a toll on your confidence, attention, judgment, memory and invokes you to act impulsively. So instead, choose to think of stress as an obstacle that you must overcome with effort. The minute your perception towards a task changes from negative to positive, you feel instantly better.

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2) Focus on the present, not the future

It is the task that you must focus on instead of the outcome. The present is what matters. In cases where you are advised to maintain a focused approach, developing a tunnel vision is your best bet. Work towards your current goal instead of wasting your time assessing irrelevant details. The more you foresee, the more stressed out you will feel.

3) Be prepared for the worst

Instead of worrying about unfortunate outcomes in the back of your mind, voice your thoughts out. This will help you in acknowledge things instead of merely fearing them. It will also allow you to be prepared for how to deal with unfortunate outcomes rather than being startled.

4) Take control

When under stress there are certain factors one has control over and others that exceed an individual’s controlling capacity. When you focus on the factors that you cannot control, you tend to intensify the pressure and heighten your anxiety. This ultimately undermines your confidence. Instead, choose to focus on the factors that you can control.

Allow yourself to take the reins and overcome all that is stressing you. Shove the things that you cannot help to the back of your mind. The more you let yourself be affected by negative emotions, the worst you will feel.

5) Remind yourself of past successes

We often tend to forget everything we have achieved. When you are in a rut and stressed, you often lean towards undermining yourself. In such cases, learn to remind yourself of all the things you have accomplished in the past; regardless of how small or how big they may be. Not only will it make you feel better but it will also enable you to overcome your anxiety and get the work done.

6) Be optimistic

A positive attitude can move mountains. Wire yourself to believe that you will succeed. Believing in successful outcomes can prevent you from emotional and mental exhaustion. You will also feel distracted which in turn hinders one’s memory and ultimately one’s performance in the workplace. Once you get rid of the fear and anxiety that are keeping you hostage, you can allow your true self to shine.

7) Tune your senses

As human beings, we get distracted when we face stressful situations. We start getting hyper,and we react irrationally and impulsively. In such cases, you find yourself making mistakes. Whether it is an imminent deadline, or a test or just your inner demons getting a hold of you; one of the best ways to deal with stress is to get in touch with your senses. Focus on everything individually. The more connected you are to yourself, the more in control you will feel.

8) Find Stress busters

Everyone has a preferred way of relaxing and dealing with stress. Some like to read; others like to listen to music, some watch TV. According to various online alzheimers test, one of the main reasons behind the development of neurodegenerative disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is stress. Depending on your preference, if you are feeling bothered by something, take some time out for yourself and breathe. Listen to music or read a few pages of an exciting book or perhaps just go out for a stroll. Kill the stress so you can perform your best.

9) Pre-performance routine

Always create a pre-performance routine in your mind. Before a presentation, review or performance, make it is a routine to go over your work. The best way to do so is to keep it short and easy to remember. Make critical points, anticipate the problems you might encounter along the way and never forget to keep a positive outlook towards the outcome. Uplift yourself. You are your biggest supporter in situations like these.

10) Keep calm and vent

When under stress, people often report the feeling that things are moving too fast. Don’t speed up your brain. Stop all the thoughts that are running through your mind and are creating an unnecessary fuss. Speeding makes one feel fidgety hence leads to an immediate risk of making mistakes.

Calm down and breathe. Once you have your thoughts in order, allow yourself to formulate a game plan that will enable you to think flexibly and attentively. Give your brain a shut up call when necessary.

Talk to someone and share your stress with them, so you don’t have to bottle up your emotions inside. Communicating your issues is a tried and tested way of stress relief. Receiving input from others helps you learn about their perspectives and pushes you to do better.

Every day is a new story and a new struggle. We all have to fight different battleson a daily basis. As human beings, it is normal to feel defeated. As creatures of habit, we feel more at ease when in our comfort zone. To stay motivated, one must find ways to overcome hurdles. Make your way through the storm. There is nothing you cannot achieve so do not let anything keep you down.

Disclaimer: The writer is Alycia Gordan, a freelance writer. The views expressed are a personal opinion.)

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