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The 21st century is truly a wondrous age. Science and technology have achieved miraculous feats that nobody deemed possible, once upon a time. The youth has access to a treasure trove of knowledge and can live longer and healthier than at any point in human history. But there is a dark side to this evolution as well.

Hair TransplantRecent studies have found that there is an alarming trend among the youth of the nation. The medical condition is officially termed as premature balding. And this means that the youngsters in the country are going bald quicker than ever before.

Statistics reveal that a lot more youngsters are getting bald in their 20s as compared to a generation prior. And there are a variety of reasons that can be attributed to this spreading epidemic.

Experts from Bloom Hair Transplant mention that the predominant reason for balding is genetic. Your genes determine if you will be a victim of premature balding or not. But that aside, ones lifestyle choices can also play a major factor. Especially in the present generation, the unhealthy lifestyle of the youth has led to the sad epidemic that is running rampant in the country.

Smoking is thought to be one of the primary triggers for the onset of this condition. And this is because the nicotine and carbon monoxide that you inhale can really stem the growth of hair to a great degree. The same holds true for an excessive consumption of alcohol, a bane prent in modern society.

By leading a healthier life, not only can you avoid life-threatening diseases, your hair can remain healthy and ever glowing. Aside from smoking and drinking, junk food is thought to be a big-time trigger for the loss of hair, according to experts. The specialists at Bloom Hair Transplant recommend a diet rich in proteins and green tea to nourish your hair properly.

And thats not all. Because of the kind of pressures that the corporate world metes out on the youngsters of today, stress levels are at an all-time high right now. And this translates to greater oxidation, harming necessary anti-oxidants that keep your hair healthy. Stress is, unfortunately, one of the primary contributors to a variety of diseases that the youth faces these days.

Dr Vinod Sonawane, MD- Hair Transplant Surgeon (PG Diploma in Trichology & Managing Director at Bloom Hair Transplant) advice, Theres much that one can do on their own too! And this includes massaging ones hair with oil regularly to increase the flow of blood to hair follicles. Moreover, adopting a healthier lifestyle, eating and sleeping well and meditating regularly can certainly help in countering premature balding to a certain degree too. Premature balding may be a serious problem today. But modern treatment and preventive measures can curb the problem in its roots.

(The writer Dr Vinod Sonawane is Managing Director at Bloom Hair Transplant. Views expressed are a personal opinion.)



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