August 2018

Ensuring Best Medical Facilities Through Research, Innovations

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With its skilled doctors, nurses and paramedical staff, AIIMS Bhopal is serving people with best medical facilities. The institute is doing exemplary work on research and innovations front to improve healthcare delivery system of the State, says Dr Sarman Singh, Director, AIIMS Bhopal, in conversation with Ritika Srivastava of Elets News Network (ENN).

Q How is AIIMS Bhopal contributing towards augmenting healthcare delivery system across the State?

It was started with the establishment of AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) Delhi in 1956 to serve as a nucleus for nurturing excellence in all aspects of healthcare. But later it was realised that the institute was overburdened and struggling to cope up the pressure coming from the States. In 2004, it was decided to establish AIIMS in every State to augment existing healthcare delivery system.Sarman Singh AIIMS

In addition, the purpose of setting up AIIMS was to train faculty and staff by new conventions and to promote more research work to improve patient care.

AIIMS Bhopal has been doing the same. After AIIMS Delhi, AIIMS Bhopal has emerged as the closest competitor in terms of catering people with all types of diseases.

We are now shifting to referrals only. People suffering with rare diseases would be treated. AIIMS, Bhopal has required trained staff and equipment to provide quality medical facilities. In addition, we are also working on research and innovations, as no institute can sustain without meticulous research.

Q In the present times, the healthcare industry is being driven by digital initiatives. Can you share with us something about such initiatives at AIIMS Bhopal?

Digital health is a potent tool which facilitates healthcare delivery enabling people best medical facilities. It is a big challenge for each of us. We are trying to improve things on this front. An MoU has been signed between AIIMS Bhopal and Union Health Ministry in this regard. The institute is also working towards implementing Ayushman Bharat across the State and working to identify more families for the scheme.

We have best telemedicine department here, which comes into play in all three fields like teaching, research, and patient care. Through this technology, we can review and check the assignments of our medical students and teach them from anywhere.

On the research part, one can share things like medical experiment findings, protocols, and research reports through it. Telemedicine also enables teleradiology, through which doctors can review the reports of their patients from any location. Through this initiative, we are reaching out to even remote locations of Madhya Pradesh.

Q What are your views on data security in healthcare?

As health data is vulnerable to theft, its security is very crucial. Though we have partnered with many foreign institutes for data security, still a lot needs to be done in terms of developing a data security system in India.

Q How is AIIMS Bhopal working to improve the healthcare services?

We are creating a skilled workforce of doctors, nurses, paramedical and other staff to strengthen our healthcare services. The institute is also making its impact on quality research work.

AIIMS Bhopal is doing maximum research and breakthrough work to cure infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, Kala Ajar, and other diseases. To make patient care more efficient, we are also working on new areas.

Q How is AIIMS Bhopal taking care of NCDs (Noncommunicable diseases)?

Today, NCDs are major killer diseases globally, including India. Along with the Union Ministry of Health, the MP Government is also participating in different programmes like diabetes screening and stroke management and other NCDs.

Unfortunately, the cases of malnutrition and genetic disorders in MP are highest in the country.

AIIMS Bhopal is doing a meticulous research, innovation, and management to cure malnutrition cases, especially among children. We also conducted a big workshop to identify the level of this problem last year. We have a dedicated body to look into this.

Q Do you have any emergency services at your institute or any plans to introduce such services in near future?

It is very important to provide better patient care to people, irrespective of time constrain. Recently on August 1, we started an emergency service. It is getting a good response and we have saved many lives because of it.

It is a challenge for us, as we are facing a shortage of nurses and doctors. We are planning to recruit more staff including 700 nurses. We are also determined to start a trauma center to add more diseases in our treatment portfolio.

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