HypertensionLet’s start it with a story of Rohan. As a part of the normal routine, Rohan use to visit docor for health checkup regularly. With this normal routine health checkup and health test reports, he comes to know that his blood pressure is higher than normal or in other words, you can say that Rohan is suffering from hypertension which is not a simple thing to deal with. He is now worried about several things associated with the treatment and its costs which makes him explore more about hypertension.

As per the studies and surveys, it is clear that around 320 lakh people in India are patients of hypertension, and it is clear that hypertension can lead to several serious health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, etc.

With this article, you will come to know about hypertension and why you need a health insurance plan to deal with the same.

Some important facts about Hypertension:
When it comes to the blood pressure, the normal one would stay around 120 over 80 mm of mercury (mmHg); however, in case of hypertension 130 over 80 mmHg.

Hypertension can occur because of several reasons and dealing with the stress is at the top of the list. While, there are many reasons behind stress that includes personal and professional life, sometimes it also occurs because of a few medical conditions such as kidney disease.

On the other hand, it is important for you to know that if you have not managed hypertension as it should be and if you not taking proper care of it then the same can lead to a stroke, heart attack and several other problems.

Different types of Hypertension:
Hypertension that does not take place because of many other medical conditions is popular by the name of primary or essential hypertension. In the situation where hypertension takes place because of several other reasons or another conditions known as secondary hypertension.

1. Primary Hypertension:
Under this form of hypertension, your blood plasma volume and the activity of the hormones which is responsible for regulating the blood volume and the pressure is affected.
A few environmental factors such as stress and lack of physical activity can also effect primary hypertension.

2. Secondary hypertension: It occurs because of the complications of other medical facilities that include diabetes, kidney disease hyperthyroidism (an overactive thyroid gland), pregnancy, obesity, etc.

Different ways in which hypertension can affect your body:
1.Hypertension leads a body towards a condition called arteriosclerosis where the walls of the blood vessels lose their elasticity and because of constant pressure it becomes weak and ruptures. This situation can invariably be fatal.

2. Moreover, you must know that hypertension is the cause of brain hemorrhage which is also popular by the name of stroke, tenfold, etc. Even a slightly high BP can lead to stroke, it also weakens small vessels of your brain, eventually rupturing them. It can be the cause of dementia in the patient.

3. High blood pressure also damages the small blood vessels of the kidney which can be a major problem as it affects the blood supply to the kidney.

4. It also affects the normal way of functioning of your kidney that includes regulating your hormones, body fluids, the amount of salt in your body, etc. and can eventually result in kidney failure as well.

5. Pregnant women also get diagnosed with the side effects of hypertension. For example, hypertension during pregnancy can lead you towards low birth weight and decreased the growth of the baby.

Why health plan is important?
We all are aware of the growing inflation rate in the healthcare industry. It is going hard for an average salaried person to take care of all medical expenses that include doctors fees, expensive medicines, hospitalization charges, diagnostic tests, etc.

By making an investment in health insurance plan, a person would not only get the required reimbursement for all hospitalisation expenses but will also offer the needful cover against OPD and daycare expenses.

You can easily notice an increase in the number of people who start switching to private hospitals in order to get a quality treatment. An effective health insurance plan will surely help you in focusing more on the quality of treatment rather than its cost. You have to be relaxed as taking tension about the healthcare costs will only deteriorate your health further. And being a patient of hypertension, you literally can afford to worry about anything.

Furthermore, it is the time to discuss the factors that you have to keep in mind while buying an insurance cover for your hypertension condition:

Start Early: People always think about the right time to invest in a health insurance plan. Well, the answer to this question is as soon as possible. Yes, buying a health insurance plan at an early age is a wise decision. It is not necessary to let a tragedy strike and then only you will think of having a health insurance policy. It will not only help you in getting a wide cover but will also help you in saving a big amount on premium.

Waiting Period: Like every other disease, hypertension carries a waiting period of 2 to 4 years. If you start making investments in health insurance plan at a right age then there are a few chances that you will be able to cover your waiting period before the time for hospitalisation take place.

Low Premiums: Starting at the right time to make sure that you are getting a wider plan by paying low premiums.

Investment in a health insurance plan in your wishlist will definitely assist you a lot. And if you are suffering from hypertension then it will be a great relief to have an effective health insurance that can easily fight with the disease. With an easy investment facility. Investing in a health insurance plan has become very easy. There are several plans to choose from, however, it is important for you to take help of an online insurance web aggregator to get the best out of all.

(Disclaimer: The writer is Naval Goel- CEO and Founder of PolicyX.com. The views expressed are personal opinion.)

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