Initial struggles of yoga practices

Yoga is an amazing practice which paves way for an improved quality of life. Once you indulge in the practice of yoga on a regular basis it becomes easier to perform asanas and reap its benefits. However, you may face some issues as a beginner.

Here are a few struggles of yoga that you will go through at the start of your practice and tips about how to overcome them.

Monkey Mind:

What does it mean? Monkey mind is when you feel restless and succumb to the uncontrollable and indecisive thought process, which at times may utilise a lot of your positive energy. These thoughts might run through your head when you can’t perfect an asana after many attempts or if you can’t see changes in yourself immediately after your practice.

Try to focus on the yoga and divert your attention to the extensions and contractions of the muscles and joints while performing an asana. This will help you find the stability of thoughts. It will also stop you from dwelling on the thoughts of the past or the future and bring your full attention to the present moment which is being mindful, the state of self-awareness.

Shortage of breath:

Shortage of breath occurs during the practice of yoga asanas and kriyas where you tend to feel suffocated or may have a problem in breathing normally. If you are not a regular practitioner of yoga, it is possible that you may come across with this problem. While practicing an asana make sure your transitions are smooth and not hasty, also consciously try to breathe at a normal pace so that the shortage of breath doesn’t occur.

Comparing yourself :

The human mind is often good at arising self-doubt about ones capability. Yoga can help you control this. If you attend a yoga class you may start comparing your progress to that of another practitioner. You can overcome this by putting extra effort into your own practice and measuring your daily progress, helping you achieve satisfaction and providing an insight into your capability. Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self, yoga is the lifestyle that helps you focus on yourself.

Including the practice of yoga in your routine:

One of the major issues you may face is to find the time to do yoga in your busy lifestyle. Yoga can be practiced anytime anywhere. Find time in the morning as soon as you wake up to practice yoga, or before bedtime. The daily practice is what counts, and this will help one become more aware and achieve mindfulness.

Pain in the body:

You may feel the soreness of muscles or cramps/pains in the body. Keep in mind that you don’t exert yourself during the practice of yoga. Your body is supposed to feel good after the practice of yoga. If the pain sustains or re-occurs, make sure to consult your yoga teacher for the same.

Once you begin the practice of yoga and continue the same wholeheartedly, you will begin witnessing your transformation. The regular practice will allow better flow of oxygen, improved endurance, and strength along with flexibility. These are the key points to ensure the balance of the mind, body & soul. Yoga will enhance the quality of your life!

(Disclaimer: The writer is Sarvesh Shashi, Founder, Zorba Yoga. The views expressed are personal opinion.)

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