5 safe diet tips for fitness enthusiasts

When it comes to losing weight and maintaining physical fitness, it is very important to be pre-cautious about daily food intake. Your health is 70 per cent of what you eat and 20 per cent of how you work out. Hence its very important to keep a check on your diet and the dietary pattern that you follow.

Dont skip your meals

This is a golden rule that you must follow to lead a healthy, balanced life. You will only be able to work out right when you have enough energy in your body to fuel yourself through. In fact, instead of having three big meals a day, you can have four to five smaller meals, spread across the day. The meals should be well balanced and provide you with all the essential nutrients.

Eating smaller meals throughout the day also boosts your metabolism helping the body in burning calories. Include lots of greens and proteins in your diet. Cut down on the unhealthy fats and carbs and increase your protein intake to fully reap the benefits of your diet.

Ditch the sports drinks

Sports and energy drinks contain a lot of sugar and add nothing but empty calories to your body.These sugary calories will only reverse the hours of effort that you have put in the gym. It is necessary to keep yourself hydrated but not at the expense of your health. Instead, drink plenty of water.

Water is the best way to replenish all the moisture that you lose during your workout session. For added benefit, try adding some lemon and honey to it. Natural sugars not only help eliminate the empty calories but also provide you with wholesome nutrition that you need to gain that muscle.

Always have fresh produce

Frozen and canned food products should always be a big no-no. They contain preservatives which may make more harm than good. They best way to go about it is to keep your pantry and fridge stocked with fresh, nutritious and healthy produce.

Processed foods can collectively hamper your health. Try a banana instead of energy bars or fresh berries and fruits in place of sugary desserts “ it will do wonders for you!

Recover your muscles

Your muscles go through a lot when you are working out. They get sore and are tired by the end of a grueling session. Protein helps you recover and rejuvenate them. Thus, after a rigorous workout session, it is always good to have a protein rich meal or a protein supplement to allow your muscles to relax.

You can try a protein shake or smoothie with any protein powder and your favourite fruits and berries. This will be a healthy meal for you. It will repair your muscles, nourish you and keep you satiated.

Choose the right supplements

Getting the right protein supplements is very crucial when it comes to your fitness goals. There are arrays of products available in the market; however, most of these are synthetics. Whey and casein are no doubt excellent sources of protein but they come with a lot of side effects and added sugar.

Vegan protein helps in eliminating these risks. A combination of brown rice and peas is the best way to get all the essential amino acids, fill nutritional gaps and stay healthy, the vegan way. Together, they help in building muscles, gaining strength and aiding in recovery after a stringent exercise session. It also prevents any flatulence that is otherwise a common side effect of many synthetic protein supplements.

Eating right and healthy is very critical to not only for your fitness goals but also to maintain your overall health. You will only be able to reap the best benefits of your workout only when you keep track of what you are putting inside your body.

(Disclaimer: The writer is Shivam Hingorani, Founder, Ace Blend, Natural Protein & Superfoods Nourisher. The views expressed are personal opinion.)

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