Fitness Mantras for Men

Fitness Mantras

With stress becoming a central part of the daily lifestyle, there is a growing need to stay fit. But instead of going by what one or the another person suggests on tea shop or in the office, its better to go by the experts advice.

Here are five fitness tips that men should know and practice:

Work on your flexibility

Stretching muscles regularly helps to move body more efficiently and can relax muscles, in turn reducing stress. Attending yoga classes can improve flexibility. Remember, as a general rule, mens hamstrings, shoulders and lower backs need to be worked on more than other areas of the body, so pay special attention to these parts in flexibility sessions.

Go Slow

It may be something of a clich©, but men do tend to have a healthy competitive spirit. While this is great for motivation and encouraging, it can also lead to problems. For example, many men fall into the trap of thinking that in order to be better and achieve more they have to perform all of their exercises at a super-fast pace. Although thats true when performing some exercises, for others this is just not the case.

Take weight-lifting for example. When lifting slowly, say for 10 seconds in total, you increase the amount of time your muscles are tense, and simultaneously increase the blood flow. That means you help to develop and increase your muscle mass. So next time you train, remember faster is not always better “ take the time to find out what speed you should be working at for each different exercise.

Try New Things

Men need to explore new ways to get fit. Doing different types of fitness activities means working on different parts of body and gaining core strength. Working up the courage to try new things is one of the biggest obstacles most men face when it comes to trying different workouts.

So, try new workouts which generate interest and motivate to get fit physique.

Holistic Approach To Fitness

Holistic approach to fitness has many health benefits, and studies show that some holistic training techniques can improve fitness. One of the other benefits of the holistic approach to fitness is that your stress levels can decrease. So, to take advantage of different holistic fitness techniques those are out there.

Take A Break

Not giving a break between workouts will lead to you suffering burn-out, losing motivation and generally doing more harm than good. Furthermore, taking a rest day will mean that when you train again youll be more likely to train harder. Ideally, one should take a day off from exercising every two to three days as a minimum. And make sure that on those rest days, stay hydrated and avoid doing anything too strenuous.

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