February 2018

Disrupting Health Care Delivery Through Tech Enabled Automation

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Geoff Siegel, Vice President, Innovation, Breg

Geoff Siegel  
Vice President, Innovation, Breg

The motion sensor enabled mobile app is one of the first IoT solutions in the international healthcare market for the post-surgery rehabilitation programme. It empowers doctors to be connected to patients throughout their rehabilitation programme, say Geoff Siegel, Vice President, Innovation, Breg, and Rajmohan Nair, CEO, Adtech, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

Q What is the vision behind developing Breg Flex, the remote therapy monitoring solution?

Bregs mission is to lower the overall cost and improve the quality of care over the entirety of the Hurt to Healthy orthopedic episode. Breg Flex™ is the first-of-its-kind digital health technology specifically designed to help physiotherapists and other care providers monitoring orthopedic patient recovery at home.

Breg Flex is a mobile health smart device app that works in tandem with an accurate wearable sensor to measure and collect orthopedic vitals while the patient is recovering at home, such as extension and flexion range of motion, patient adherence to prescribed at-home exercises, and self-reported daily pain scale data.

The application sends these insights automatically to the patients care team in real time as patient performs prescribed at-home exercise regimen so that patients progress can be monitored and the care team can proactively intervene when needed.

Q How does Breg Flex add value to physiotherapy care path?

Studies indicate that less than 40 per cent of patients are adherent to their at-home exercise regimen, which lead to reduced outcomes, longer time to return to function/ work, the need for additional inclinic physiotherapy and, in a small percentage of cases, additional costly post-surgical interventions.

Geoff Siegel, Vice President of Bregs product development group, responsible for the creation of Breg Flex, says, We designed the Breg Flex application to be fun and engaging for patients, to keep them motivated and consistent in completing their at-home therapy. As a result, we have seen patient adherence to their at-home therapy climbing to over 80 per cent. On an average, 30 per cent less PT sessions were needed to return a patient to health and patients had 25 per cent higher functional performance scores at discharge when measured against a national average. It just makes sense that if you can find creative ways using technology to keep patients moving after joint surgery, good things will happen.

Q How do you think that Breg, with Adtech as partner, can create impact in the Indian healthcare sector?

Given the complex reimbursement mechanisms in the US, remote patient monitoring technologies are seeing a faster adoption rate outside the US in many healthcare sectors. As vital sign sensor technology becomes cheaper and more accurate, it will become one of the best ways to provide access to good healthcare to a wider population at a lower cost. And the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets today has provided the channel to do so.

Rajmohan Nair, CEO, Adtech

Rajmohan Nair 
CEO, Adtech

Adtech has been an important partner with Breg to develop this unique sensorbased technology for orthopedics. With their strong product knowledge, they are perfectly positioned to provide quality service to in-country customer and technical support for Breg Flex.

Q How does Adtech plan to disrupt the healthcare market in India through technology enabled innovative products?

Adtech aspires to leverage the technology innovation worldwide and brings in these technologies enabled healthcare services delivery to the India market. A lot of services in the healthcare sector have great potential to be automated without compromising on the quality of the care being delivered to the patients. The company has been working with orthopedic products and solutions market leader, Breg to develop cutting edge software enabled care path solutions for the global market. With our strategic engagement with Breg as their software development partners, we are uniquely placed to serve the Indian market with the latest and greatest technology advancement in care path space.

Q How is your experience in the market with the IoT enabled care path solutions in India?

Ever since we have hit the market in India with Breg Flex, we received great reviews from all the stakeholders in the Arthroplasty and Rehabilitations space. The motion sensor enabled mobile app is one of the first IoT solutions in the international healthcare market for the post surgery rehabilitation programme. It empowers the doctors to be connected to their patient throughout their rehabilitation program.

The 360 degree view in the solution helps the care givers as well as the patients day-by-day, week by week and month by month insight throughout the rehabilitation program. It addresses the missing link in the traceability and feedback mechanism during the rehabilitation which is a critical aspect in the successful outcome of any Arthroplasty or Arthroscopy intervention.

Q How does this technology minimise the scope of errors and risk factor in the healthcare sector?

Adoption of technology helps the stakeholders in the healthcare sector to eliminate potential human errors in their diagnosis and follow ups. Products like Breg Flex digitises the rehabilitation protocol of the patients during the rehabilitation and presents real-time access for the care givers about compliances and scores of the patients. The data gives great insights to the doctors and the care givers and guide them with qualitative as well as quantitative data to make informed decision for a successful outcome. It also brings in a sense of confidence and transparency to the patients in their engagement with the healthcare professionals.

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