Recover Logo-01The modern lifestyles are straining the physical structure of the human body. The constant use of Smartphones for communication strains our fingers, wrists, arms, shoulders as well as the neck. The pressure leads to the dominating effect of weakening muscles and thus pains across the body. Compounding the problems is the usage of laptops, tablets and other devices such as e-readers in wrong positions and postures. The use of electronic devices by children nowadays has made this problem acuter.

The Recover Clinic (TRC) launched in August 2015 addresses multiple types of pain, both at the physical and neurological level. The clinic specialises in signature treatments in relieving pain in the patients. The clinic also has a rehabilitation center, which helps and train patients to exercise to prevent re-occurrence of pain.

The clinic is headed by doctors Dr Rameshkumar Ranganathan and Dr Mathankumar Mohandoss currently head the clinic. Dr Ramesh with over 11 years of experience specialises in the field of occupational therapy and special interests in the disciplines of Fascial Manipulation, Sensory Desensitisation, Myotherapy, and Trigger point release amongst others. While, Mr. Mathan specialises in treating issues such as Graded Motor Imagery, Cranio Sacral Therapy and Viseral Manipulation with inventive techniques.

TRCs mission is to be a compassionate and effective leader in Neuro-Muscular & Orthopedic therapy and a world class enabler to each and every human in Distress & Dysfunction. It also comes with a promise of pain-free and fully abled re-invigorate lives to achieve their goals themselves, says Dr Rameshkumar Ranganathan, Senior Consultant Physiotherapist and Ergonomist at TRC.

The clinic treats work-related musculoskeletal disorders/repetitive strain injuries, myofascial pain syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, wrist sprain, chronic regional pain syndrome(CRPS), chronic myofascial pain syndrome(CMPS), arthritis, inflammatory arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, posture and alignment problems, upper cross syndrome, lower cross syndrome, osteoarthritis, women’s health, adolescent and children’s injuries, ergonomics, muscle and joint pain and post-operative acute or chronic injury etc.

TRC currently located in New Delhi plans to expand and spread their operations across India.

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