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Avinash OjhaRG Stone, plans to scale up its portfolio from 16 hospitals to 30 by 2016 and will invest around `140 crore ($26 million) for the same. Avinash Ojha, Chief utive Officer, RG Stone Urology & Laparoscopy, Hospital, in an interaction with Ekta Srivastava, ENN, elaborates more on the hospital expansion


Tell me the objective behind the launch of RG Stone Hospital?
Founded by Dr. Bhim Sen Bansal in 1986, the journey of RG Stone Urology & Laparoscopy Hospital began with a single clinic in Mumbai and since then it has established itself as nationwide chain of 15 numbers of hospitals offering Urology and Laparoscopy treatments. Today RG Stone Urology & Laparoscopy Hospital is Indias only chain of super-specialty Urology & Laparoscopy hospitals and the leader in Lithotripsy & Holmium Laser treatment in India, fully equipped with state-of-the-art, U.S. FDA approved international standard equipment.

Dr Bansal, after a careful and detailed analysis, realised that most of the hospitals focused on best treatments in the areas of Heart, Orthopedic, Gynecology etc., but there was a gap when it came to superior treatment for urology cases which were on a rise. After identifying the need for super specialty hospital for Urology and with intent to provide world-class treatments in India, Dr. Bansal, brought Siemens Lithotripsy device in India in the year 1986. During that time, the treatment of urology cases through laser technology was a pioneering technology internationally and RG Stone became the first hospital to start the treatment in India.

But the Lithotripsy treatment had limitations as it could not treat stones bigger than 3 cms in size and the treatment could not be provided for duration beyond 45 minutes. After identifying this limitation, RG Stone started Endoscopy, a minimal invasive surgery for the treatment and from here onwards, RG Stone became a complete Urology Care Center.  After this successful introduction of international technology for Urology treatment in India and mastering the technique of urinary stone management without surgery, RG Stone progressed further on the growth path and brought the first 100-watts Holomium Laser from Coherent USA in the year 1999 which is the best in class technology so far for treating critical urology cases like heart, BP patients with urology condition. Along with specialty treatment, the hospital chain provides added support with in-house dialysis, Diagnostic department, ICU, Post op Recovery Room, Nephrology and Cardiology department for monitoring etc. for treating critical cases. The equipment was inaugurated in a live workshop at RG Stone, Mumbai in association with West Zone Chapter of Urology Society of India by Dr. D. Bagley and Dr. Akhil Das, professor at New York Medical College.


“The usual size of kidney is less 10 cm,and we operated a stone that was13cm long and that too without open surgery. For this achievement we were named in the Guinness Book of World Records”

What are the medical specialty services that you offer?
We offer Urology and Laparoscopy services. In Urology, we do everything except kidney transplant. We have highly qualified doctors and the second advantage of the institute is that all the doctors work full time. Otherwise you will find most of the institutes have consultants who come for a couple of hours. We do Laparoscopic surgeries which used to be again open surgery for gall bladder, hernia etc. We do these surgeries without any cut and discharge the patient the next day. Further, we have Lithotripsy, Holmium Laser, Laparoscopic Urology, Laparoscopic GI Surgery ,Endourology Procedures, Andrology, Uro-oncology, Surgery for Urinary Incontinence, Reconstructive Urology

What technological advancements have shaped your hospitals?
We are supported by an array of stateof- the-art equipments to offer services that are unique & far superior to anything presently available. The Institute is well equipped to meet every possible healthcare need in urology, to ensure seamless operations. The inception of Indias first Siemens Lithostar, started a new era in the field of urology that changed the face of urinary stone management across the country.
R G updates itself regularly with the newer techniques in order to treat complicated cases with ease and perfection Equipments like HoLEP Flexible Ureteroscope & Flexible Nephroscope are a few to mention. Holmium Laser Enucleation of Prostate (HoLEP) is now completely replacing the standard TURP and has become a basic tool for urologists. We are in constant touch with all the latest technological innovations in urology; whenever it comes in we get an update.

 Increasing trend of single-specialty hospitals

During the last year itself, the sector saw an increase of approx. 20% in PE investment as compared to the year 2012). This is due to various factors including Lower set-up costs, high margins, high ROI for investors and inclination from the patients to opt for specialty hospital given the superior therapeutic performance – as compared to multi-specialty. Also while the capital expenditure cost in single specialty is as low as 2 crores as compared to large multi-specialty Increasing trend of single-specialty hospitals hospital where it is approx. 40 crores, the exit time for investors is lesser in single-specialty which is about 2-3 years as compared to multi-specialty where the investors can get any returns only in 6-8 years time.

Tell us about the key achievements which the hospital has witnessed so far?
Today RG Stone has 15 branches across India with an investment of approx 100 crores. With over 27 years of experience in the field, 40 full time dedicated senior faculty, it is the most sought-after hospitals for treatment for all urology related diseases with a capacity of over 450 beds.

RG Stone received funding of 41 crores in the year 2010 from ICICI Ventures which was bought back in the year 2011, through promoters fund, family and friends. Later in the year 2011, the chain of hospital received a funding of Rs. 95 crores of Primary and Secondary from India Equity Partner (IEP) for expansion across other parts of the country. It has been certified by Guinness Book of World Records for treating the largest kidney stone (13 cm) in the world. Taking in view, RG Stones international standard success rate many public sector undertakings, multinationals, insurance companies and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare empanelled them for the treatment of their employees and their dependents. Recently, RG was awarded Best single specialty hospital for Urology by CNBC TV18 Healthcare awards for 2013.

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