Collaborations remain pivotal for driving innovation. In 2024, Medyseva is particularly enthusiastic about expanding partnerships with educational institutions. Dr Vishesh Kasliwal, Founder, Medyseva shared in an exclusive interaction with Kaanchi Chawla of Elets News Network (ENN). Edited excerpts:

In light of the rapid changes in healthcare technology, how has Medyseva adapted its strategies in 2023 to stay at the forefront of innovation?

Amidst the rapid evolution of healthcare technology, Medyseva has strategically positioned itself in 2023. The organisation has revamped its approach, focusing on establishing Medical College Satellite Clinics, a pioneering move to bring specialised healthcare services closer to communities. This focused strategy aligns with Medyseva’s commitment to innovation, ensuring that advanced medical consultations and services are accessible to all.

Elaborating on the significance of the phygital (Physical + Digital) model that Medyseva has embraced from its inception in 2022. This model involves integrating technology with on-ground presence through a network of over 100 centres. However, the emphasis in 2023 has been on the unique initiative of Medical College Satellite Clinics. I note that this strategic move is a response to the diverse healthcare needs of both rural and urban populations.

As we look towards 2024, what are your organisation’s primary goals and expectations? How do you envision these influencing the broader healthcare sector?

Looking ahead to 2024, Medyseva has set two primary goals. In rural areas, the aim is to expand the network, reaching more underserved communities. Simultaneously, in urban centres, Medyseva is intensifying collaborations with educational institutions, notably impacting student health. This dual approach positions Medyseva as a key influencer in the broader healthcare sector, setting new standards for accessibility and inclusivity.

I dive into the strategic expansion plans, emphasising the importance of balancing the healthcare equation in both urban and rural settings. I envision Medyseva becoming a beacon of accessible and high-quality healthcare, a lifeline for both urban students and rural communities.

Could you give us a sneak peek into any groundbreaking projects or innovations that you are currently working on that might revolutionise healthcare delivery?

Medyseva’s commitment to transformative healthcare solutions is evident in its innovative initiatives. Projects like MedyMind for mental health, MedyDiet for nutrition, and MedyShe for female health, these initiatives extend the reach of healthcare beyond the conventional, addressing holistic well-being.

Additionally, Medical College Satellite Clinics are strategically positioned to bring specialised medical services to areas where they are needed the most. The transformative potential of these clinics, particularly in bridging the urban-rural healthcare divide.

Furthermore, MedyVend, an automated wall-mounted medicine vending machine, whose innovation aligns with Medyseva’s commitment to convenience and accessibility, providing a novel solution for medication dispensing.

How important are collaborations and partnerships in the journey towards innovation, and are there any notable collaborations you’re particularly excited about for 2024?

Collaborations remain pivotal for driving innovation. In 2024, Medyseva is particularly enthusiastic about expanding partnerships with educational institutions. Collaborating with coaching institutes, hostels, and colleges enables Medyseva to provide tailored

Health care solutions to the vibrant student population. The symbiotic relationship between Medyseva and its partners marks a significant stride in the commitment to innovation and accessibility.

How does your personal leadership philosophy influence Medyseva’s approach to innovation and growth?

My leadership philosophy, rooted in agility, empathy, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence, shapes Medyseva’s trajectory. The agility in adapting to emerging trends, empathy toward diverse healthcare needs, and relentless pursuit of excellence are evident in Medyseva’s innovative initiatives. The organization remains committed to evolving with the ever-changing landscape of healthcare technology, setting new benchmarks, and most importantly ensuring that healthcare remains a fundamental right accessible to all.

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