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In this exclusive interview with Dr. Emmanuel Rupert, Managing Director & Group CEO of Narayana Health, with Dr. Asawari Savant of Elets News Network (ENN). Dr. Rupert shares valuable insights on how Narayana Health navigates this delicate balance to ensure comprehensive patient care and wellbeing. Edited excerpts:

Dr. Rupert, in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, how do you perceive the delicate balance between technology and the human touch in patient care?

Thee balance between technology and the human touch is pivotal. Embracing technological advancements is crucial for effciency, but it should never overshadow the essence of personalized and empathetic patient care. At Narayana Health, we prioritize both aspects to ensure comprehensive patient well-being.

Can you elaborate on situations where tele-consultation proves to be superior to face-to-face meetings, and how technology enhances patient care in such scenarios?

Tele-consultations, particularly for patients with psychiatric illnesses or those seeking consultation for sensitive conditions like sexually transmitted diseases, offer a more comfortable and less stigmatized experience when conducted from the privacy of one’s home. Technology facilitates real-time monitoring and medication adjustments for conditions like diabetes through wearable devices and secure digital portals, thereby enhancing patient care while preserving options for face-to-face interactions when necessary.

How does Narayana Health leverage technology to enhance patient-provider relationships, and could you provide examples of innovative measures in this regard?

Narayana Health employs various technologies, such as our “NH Care” app, which allows seamless access to test results for patients. Additionally, our “AADI” app facilitates realtime sharing of test results among healthcare professionals, expediting decision-making and fostering patient confidence. These innovative measures exemplify how technology can improve patient care while prioritizing the human touch.

Despite the rise of telehealth consultations, how do you ensure that the emotional connection synonymous with in-person consultations is not lost?

Virtual environments must be easy to navigate, visually appealing, and personalized to enhance remote interactions. At Narayana Health, we emphasize effective communication skills training for our healthcare providers to ensure that the emotional connection remains intact. Additionally, we prioritize empathy and active listening in all patient interactions, whether virtual or in-person.

How do you address barriers to technology acceptance in healthcare, particularly concerning cultural and regional differences?

Overcoming barriers to technology acceptance requires patient education, reassurance, and recognition of varying levels of familiarity with technology. We strive to provide equitable access to technology-driven healthcare while acknowledging cultural and regional differences. Collaboration among healthcare providers, technology developers, policymakers, and regulatory bodies is essential to address these challenges effectively.

Looking towards the future, how do you envision technology and the human touch coexisting in healthcare for the benefit of patient well-being?

The future of healthcare will undoubtedly be technology-driven, offering improved accessibility and less error-prone care. However, the human touch remains indispensable. At Narayana Health, we envision a future where technology and the human touch harmoniously coexist, allowing healthcare providers to invest more time in empathetic and compassionate interactions, ultimately enhancing patient well-being.

Dr. Rupert’s insights shed light on the intricate balance between technology and the human touch in healthcare. As we navigate this ever-evolving landscape, it becomes increasingly clear that successful integration of technology requires a nuanced approach that prioritizes patient care and well-being above all else.

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