Aster Digital is developing solutions that work in tandem with clinicians and other healthcare providers to deliver the best possible care to patients. These solutions usually play a vital role in engaging patients and helping them adhere to suggested treatments, shared Brandon Rowberry, Chief Executive Officer, Aster Digital Health in an exclusive interaction with Kaanchi Chawla of Elets News Network (ENN). Edited excerpts:

As technology advances and AI plays an increasing role in healthcare, how does Aster Digital Health plan to incorporate AI while ensuring patient safety and data privacy?

AI integration into healthcare systems is extremely beneficial for patients, customers, and providers. Aster Digital is dedicated to building AI into its technology in a way that ensures patient safety and privacy. We are also making sure that our AI is compliant with relevant ethical and regulatory guidelines.

Aster is currently working with leading AI researchers and developers to integrate AI solutions specific to the needs of our patients, customers, and clinicians. The healthcare ecosystem is dynamic, and thus we are bringing in technology that trains and validates the AI to ensure accuracy and adaptability.

We aim to provide the highest level of patient experience by understanding the needs and wants of our patients/ customers. Based on that data, our AI models are trained to give back the most relevant and significant user experience.

Aster has put security systems in place to protect patient data and privacy from cyber-attacks, threats, and breaches. We have implemented robust security measures, like encryption and access controls, to keep patient data protected.

We are also establishing feedback loops that help improve the AI over time. We are defining responsibility and accountability criteria for the use of AI within Aster. We are actively engaged in the continuous monitoring of threats and conducting regular audits to evaluate safety and performance.

The healthcare industry is historically known for its resistance to change. How do you approach and manage resistance when introducing new digital innovations?

We at Aster Digital take a proactive, and collaborative approach while introducing new digital innovations. We work closely with clinicians, users, and others to understand their wants and concerns. We have built training and support systems to help them thrive with the new digital innovations.

We involve those who will be using the innovations most in the discussion, decision-making, development, and implementation of the new digital innovation. This helps to ensure that the solution meets their needs and is easy to use. Additionally, we educate the stakeholders about the purpose and benefits of the new digital innovation. We explain how it can help them improve patient care, reduce costs, and streamline workflows.

Aster also provides training and support to stakeholders on how to use the new digital innovation. We offer ongoing support to help them troubleshoot any problems they may encounter and have strategies in place to mitigate any other difficulties they may be facing.

For programs that are unique or one-of-a-kind, we always start by launching a pilot program so that healthcare providers and patients can experience new digital innovations firsthand. This allows them to see the benefits of these innovations and provide feedback. End-user feedback is key for Aster to improve and adjust, to offer a user-friendly solution.

In your perspective, how critical is the balance between human touch and digital solutions in delivering healthcare?

We believe that the best way to deliver healthcare is to combine the best of both worlds. Aster uses digital solutions to improve efficiency and accuracy but never loses sight of the human touch. Digital solutions should be used to augment the human touch, not replace it. Modern technologies should empower, improve, and enhance the patient’s experience while preserving essential aspects of human interactions, judgment, and empathy.

Aster Digital is developing solutions that work in tandem with clinicians and other healthcare providers to deliver the best possible care to patients. These solutions usually play a vital role in engaging patients and helping them adhere to suggested treatments.

Healthcare is ever-improving and so is the to-and-fro between technology and people. For example, with data privacy, digital solutions need to adhere to strict security and privacy standards, often with human oversight for compliance. When we talk about crisis management, even though technology can offer viable solutions, human expertise takes precedence. Digital solutions and human touch are not an either/or option. Our focus is to bring them together to offer the best possible answers.

Cybersecurity is a significant concern for any digital platform. How does Aster Digital Health ensure that patient data remains both accessible and secure?

We take cybersecurity very seriously and have implemented robust measures to make data both accessible and secure. Aster adheres to all healthcare data privacy regulations. Our data is classified and segmented into what is sensitive and important, making it possible to put in tailor-made data security measures.

We ensure to maintain the highest level of data security, including storing all patient data locally within the UAE. Data encryption, strict access controls, authorisation of users, and tracking are all part of our security measures in place.

For our employees, we provide security training that focuses on digital best practices and creates awareness around key risks. This training helps employees to identify and avoid cybersecurity threats. We also regularly conduct security audits to identify and address vulnerabilities.

Finally, with all the technological advances at our fingertips, how do you keep the essence of healthcare—care, empathy, and human connection—at the core of Aster Digital Health’s mission and operations?

The essence of healthcare is care, empathy, and human connection. We use technology to improve healthcare but never lose sight of the people at the center of it all. As mentioned before, technology and the human touch go together. While we drive the latest innovations and technologies, it is done considering what the patients/customers/clinicians need and how it will make their lives simpler and better. Their input and feedback are crucial to building digital solutions that answer their questions and support them through their health and wellness journeys.

At Aster Digital, we design our digital solutions with a patient-first approach. We make sure that our solutions are easy to use and navigate. We also hire and train employees on the importance of care and empathy in the caregiving process. Everyone involved with patients is educated in the appropriate ways of interaction and assistance for a pleasant experience. Additionally, we provide our clinicians and operating staff with training on how to use digital solutions to improve patient care.

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