Maquet Celebrates 175 Years of Innovation in Healthcare

Innovative products form the foundation of profitable and sustainable growth, enabling Maquet to serve as a market leader in an ever-changing international health market“pioneering therapeutic approach


 With 175 years history, Maquet is one of the most established and dynamic medical technology company in the world. The company designs, develops and distributes innovative therapy solutions and infrastructure capabilities for high-acuity areas within the hospital including the operating room (OR), hybrid OR /cath lab and intensive care unit (ICU) as well as intra and inter hospital patient transport.

A long and trusted partner of many hospitals and doctors worldwide over many years, the company is global leader in supply of medical systems that meet the highest requirements for medically challenging interventions. At the same time, these systems exceed the expectations of the hospital teams that are responsible for the care of patients. Maquet designs, develops and sells innovative treatment solutions and infrastructure functions for extremely demanding hospital departments, including operating rooms, hybrid operating rooms, catheter laboratories and intensive care units as well as intra and inter-hospital patient transportation

History of leadership
Since its foundation 1838 in Heidelberg, Germany clinics all over the world have trusted in Maquet products and its solutions. In collaboration with medical and science experts, Maquet has advanced clinical standards while developing innovative therapy approaches and products. One of the oldest medical technology companies in the world, Maquet began as a manufacturer of padded hospital chairs and patient care products. In 1840, it introduced the first operating table made from wood and in 1889 introduced the first operating table made of steel. As medicine evolved over the years- so did Maquet, from a mid-sized OR table manufacturer to a world-leading provider of comprehensive therapeutic solutions.


Its all about the hospital
New and changing health markets as well as increasing budgetary concerns in hospitals pose challenges which require long-term and sustainable solutions across the globe. Today, a product is no longer just uated according to its clinical relevance, but also according to the return on investment. Operating rooms and the processes associated with them are an essential return factor for hospitals. Increasingly complex procedures and time pressures confront surgeons and clinical personnel. Surgical suites are often fitted with a wide variety of devices from various manufacturers. The handling of single devices costs time, is sometimes intricate and represents a potential risk for patient safety. Process-optimization and solutions with integrated systems are gaining  in importance. Every reduction of the surgery time and every element that streamlines processes is not just a benefit for the patients; it also makes economic sense for the hospital as resources areused more effectively. A simplified workflow that is coordinated to match real work processes combined with ergonomic OR equipment sets new standards in process optimization, reducing the stress factors for both surgeons and patients. The implementation of entire projects minimizes expenditure and budgets, ensure a one point of contact from planning to implementation and beyond. Thus Maquet meets these clinical and economic requirements in an optimum fashion.

Highest standard for customers
Maquet customers save lives on a daily basis and shoulder great responsibilities. The company supports them with products and services which offer the greatest possible therapeutic benefits in the day-to-day workings of a clinic. In the endeavor to continue to be recognized as a reference market maker by customers Maquet has always followed a clear strategy to develop and enhance the quality of their products and solutions. The maintenance of the greatest of safety and quality standards as well as absolute reliability and competent consulting on a level with the customer are the primary focal points.

 In collaboration with medical science as well as other fields of science the Maquet claim is to create the most widely accepted practice within clinical environment. In doing so, the claim that Maquet makes for them is of a very high standard and refers not only to the quality of the therapy solutions and products, but also to the quality of daily life in all departments.

The company supports clinicians with products and services which offer the greatest possible therapeutic benefits
in the day-to-day workings of a clinic.

 Simplifying complex hospital projects The operating room generates essential revenue for the hospital. Optimized processes and minimized downtimes are the main elements of efficient utilization. The core competencies of Maquet are overall solutions for operating rooms, intensive care and recovery areas, as well as the central sterilization and other sensitive areas of a hospital. As a pioneer in the implementation of complex projects, Maquet supports clinics in the realization of tailored solutions, from consulting to design, planning, production and installation, as well as initial operation. The concept has drawn considerable attention worldwide

Maquet India
In 2004, Maquet started its local subsidiary, Maquet Medical India after its acquisition of the Siemens Life Support Systems Division. Over a decade in action, the company has expanded its footprint and market position in the areas of critical care, surgical workplaces and cardiovascular. The trust and support of its partners have been the building blocks of growth in the country and continue to be an integral part of the company.

 Innovation is the basis for success Innovations form the foundation for profitable and sustainable growth in international health markets. Approximately 600 staff members are employed in eight globally distributed development centers. Around eight percent of the turnover is re-invested in innovation projects. Medical and technical innovations play an increasingly larger role in the international health system. But in times of limited budgets, particular focus is placed on the economic sustainability of investment and therapies. Hospitals are no longer interested in clinical relevance only, but they are also focused on the influence that the product has on the return on investment. The company has positioned itself as trendsetters and experts for both aspects.

 Long-Term Success For all that has changed within the past 175 years, basic things have remained constant. Maquet was “ and still is “ focused on improving the quality of patients lives while ensuring maximum convenience and comfort for clinical staff.The winning Maquet formula for steady progress from a manufacturerof medical technology devices to a partner for integrated concepts is the perfect combination of quality, reliability, innovative power, and flexibility and superlative employees. At the same time values entrepreneurial skill above all. Their utive managers lead Maquet as though it is their own company, with passion and accountability, acting with foresight andresponsibility. These leaders play a key role in the companys long-term success and have paved the way for the future.

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