July 2012

Personalised Nano-Health

Nanotechnology is truly more an evolution than a revolution, with a plethora of technological advances, processing necessity to reality

Dr (Prof) Sanjeev Bagai, CEO, Dean and Director, Radiant Life Care, Delhi

Dr (Prof) Sanjeev Bagai, CEO, Dean and Director, Radiant Life Care, Delhi

Application Domains
Targeted drug delivery
Implants and prosthetics coating e.g. in Cardiac stents.
Neuro Electronic Magnetic sensors, implants and devises
Nano Microscopy in tunnel scanning tools

Nanotechnology (NT) is an extremely diverse new molecular level approach to developing new materials with dimensions on nano scale. It has the potential to control matter at an atomic level to revolutionise healthcare technologies.

This has envisioned the manipulation of nano particles to enhance their properties. Its constituent particles are dendrimers and carbon nanotubes. The word nano is synonymous with innovations i.e. application of bio materials in medical applications in myriad uses in realms of devises. The hype of NT in medical devises, implants, reagents, biomarkers have taken us leap years ahead. These nano particles can be coated or attached to lead molecules to target specific body tissues using chemical or electronic magnetic forces on atomic levels.
Nanoanalytic devices and reagents– lesser sample used, lesser reagent required, more atomic surface area allowing better diagnostic testing.
Nanobiomaterials – nanofilms give better orthopedic coatings, better bio availability, and self assembly property giving targeted drug therapy. Nano drugs and nano robotics have better penetration and aids in targeting diseased tissues, better sensing of cancerous cells, better gene expression, etc.
NT is not just another out of the box concept. Its intrigue is not in its conceptulisation but in its capacity to create and control nano particles. Its truly more an evolution than a revolution, with a plethora of technological advances, processing necessity to reality. Integration of R&D with futuristic applications is the stepping stone for innovative high end utilities in diagnostics, therapeutic & life saving technologies. It is an endeavor with a cardinal focus to integrate science towards practical cost effective applications.
Bio sensors, bioneurostimulators, non invasive surgical alternatives, self targeting neuronal implants, nanoneuroprosthetics, remote controlled monitoring devises will out strip present limitations.
The stage is set for a new paradigm of disease management by continuous remote monitoring rather than repeated clinic visits. Sensors to track TPR, BP, PFT, apnoea, cardiac output, stroke volume, arrthymias, and chemical sensors for blood sugar monitoring will augment our fairy tale on medical advancement.
Fetal Antenatal diagnosis with fetal therapy, gene modification with mitigates the errors. Fiction of yester years will be facts for tomorrow.
The rise of personalised medicine is the result of unprecedented advancement in ultra high tech biotechnology. Example of novel biomakers for disease detection- NGAL and IL18 identify acute kidney damage 2 days before Creatinine rises. An educated healthcare provider and an aware customer is an ideal customer. This NT and personalised health care is now a global initiative and not just a niche concern.


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