Girish V.Golani, Product Manager, South Asia, ARJOHUNTLEIG

India is witnessing a paradigm shift in patient handling techniques with widespread introduction of patient lifters  available worldwide, which are making foray into the Indian market. Patient lifters are electronically battery operated equipments, which are mobile and ensure safe lifting and transfer of patients from their bed to another desired area of transfer.

An average caregiver (nurse) should not lift weight beyond 23 kgs as per international standards. Manual lifting is predominantly a cheap and widely available resource in India and often causes injury to caregivers, safety hazards for patients and cost implications to hospital.

Passive floor lifters usually involve actuators, which drive the unit to lift the supplement the efforts of patient lifters by minimising manual labor right from patient admission to transfer till discharge “ a total safe and advanced way of handling patients.

However, in India even due to absence of this legislation, there is no major acceptance by doctors and caregivers in intensive care units to enable safe and effective patient transfers. JCI accreditation plays a pivotal role in usage of these lifters in more and more corporate hospital chains across the country since these lifters also help to weigh the patient in addition to safe transfers. Ceiling lifters, which is a relatively new technology in India offers innovative transfers with the help of ceiling tracks and cassettes providing tailored medical solutions  for the healthcare industry.      

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