Dr Subhash C Sahu, Vice President, Indian Society of Anethesiologists.

Cheap and safe anesthetic agents like ether and equipments like EMO and spinal analgesia have become outdated due to availability of safer and better drugs and technologies. But these sophisticated drugs and technologies are  costly and beyond reach of common  people. Patients do not get the benefit  of cheap but efficient analgesic drugs  like morphine and fentanyl. Further,  highly priced corporate hospitals make  all above drugs and equipments and  their services beyond reach of the poor  and the common public.

Anesthesia Work Station with inbuilt  ventilator, multi-modal monitor, ETCO2,  gas with agents provides good quality  fanesthesia. Cerebral function monitoring, BIS, TCA, PCA/PECA s utilised  widely for day care anesthesia, monitoring  awareness and patient controlled  analgesia have also been  developed.  Neuromuscular blocker (ToF-4) assists  in providing adequate motor relaxation. ABG for intra-operative use  provides adequate monitoring of Metabolic  Function. TEE determines better cardiac function results.
Availability of  LMA,  lexible fibre optic laryngoscope, igel, etc. have revolutionised airway management. Availability of Sevoflurane as  seen better days of day care and paediatric anesthesia. Drugs like rocuronium for reversal, propofol for quick induction and recovery, renifentanyl and alfentanyl as very short analgesic, which have changed morbidity  status of patients under anesthesia.


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