Indian healthcare industry is gearing up for a phenomenal growth.

With a projected combined annual growth rate of 16% and an estimated market size of USD 75 billion by 2012,healthcare sector is expected to contribute as much as 8.5% of national GDP and employ more than 9 million people over the next couple of years.

Much to the delight, growth is evident in all sectors of the healthcare industry and almost across all geographic regions of the country.

While there are few who are already ahead of the curve and etched substantial success in the industry, a number of new entrants have ventured in the recent past, striving to make their mark with innovative ideas, services and business models.

A key element of this emerging healthcare success story is creation of sustainable leadership through sharing of experiences among entrepreneurs, investors, managers and practitioners of healthcare.

To meet this critical need and create a pulsating platform for CXOs of healthcare industry to connect with each other, eHEALTH magazine is organizing the second edition of the Healthcare Leaders Forum in New Delhi.

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