The NHS Direct online initial assessment Health and Symptom Checker (HaSC) is now available in mobile device format. The online self-assessment service, powered by InferMed’s Arezzo technology is changing the way in which people interact with NHS Direct and provides information and advice to users on a wide variety of symptoms and conditions that can now be accessed via mobile telephones and PDAs via availability of the initial assessment Health and Symptom Checker in mobile device format now means that even more individuals will have access to the service and that it can now be accessed on a mobile device from any location with an available signal.As a result of this service England’s NHS Direct has the ability to deliver consistent, clinically checked advice to patients, even during periods of high demand. As well as the delivery of the tools in mobile device format, it is planned that the services will also be syndicated to NHS Choices, Directgov and a number of consumer health-related sites to bring them to as wide an audience as possible. Over time additional services such as links to other medical web sites and forums will be added. As previously reported on the InferMed website, making NHS Direct easier to contact is a key development that will help ease the pressure on those services in high demand, such as the Ambulance Services, A&E departments and GP surgeries.  On the main NHS Direct site,, 24 Health and Symptom Checkers covering a wide variety of symptoms and conditions are now live, with a further 14 being developed and added to the site by the end of Q1 2011.    

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