Health IT czars on a platter!

IT market in India

In every issue we try to give our readers something interesting and informative to read. Our aim has been to cover every aspect of the emerging healthcare IT market in India, Asia and across the world. In this issue, we bring you a set of exclusive interviews with senior utives from some of the top-notch IT companies of the world who are taking healthcare automation to a new level.

The objective is to provide an insight into the present and future of IT in healthcare – engaging specialized health IT companies, along with solution providers and service integrators with footprints in healthcare. Interviewees have put in their perspective about both domestic and western countries. They also talked about their challenges, opportunities, growth strategies and the overall evolution of healthcare technology in the coming days.

Catch’em all in the cover story of this issue.

Healthcare IT deals with a very niche domain of healthcare. The penetration of technology in health care in India is still very low. The management of most hospitals still see IT spending as a ‘cost’ rather than an ‘investment’. Consequently, we often find ourselves in a tight spot due to the lack of very successful case studies on IT implementation in Indian hospitals. Yet, we try to come up with something absorbing for you from both domestic and international fronts – check out the ‘Tech Trends’ section in this issue, focusing on Motorola’s mobility solutions for healthcare organisations.

As many healthcare groups are in an expansion mode, we try never to miss any of them in our magazine. This time we have covered one such venture that is making inroads into some of the emerging cities of northern and central India. Look into the ‘In Conversation’ section to get a low down.

I hope we keep you updated with the most cutting edge and contemporary in healthcare.


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