Soon mobile phone will guide blind people in finding their way. Sweden based company, Mobile Sorcery AB is developing the software, which will guide sight impaired and blind people with voice advisories from their mobile phones. This is the first hight-tech software related navigation system project, which is a part of Stockholm’s Project of Easy Access for the visually impaired program. The software is for the prototype system, which uses a Nokia 6300 Symbian phone with earphones and a separate GPS unit linked to the mobile phone through Bluetooth SIG technology. Another Swedish company, Astando AB will provide a application, which is linked to a geographic information system (GIS) to the guidance system. The navigation platform locates users and plots a path to the destination by using a highly detailed GIS created and maintained by the city for street maintenance and traffic management purposes. The voice enabled guide alerts users for upcoming turns and obstacles through early warning rather than instructing every move. Users would be able to enter their own data, like noting the parked vehicle and other users would be alerted to it through an update of the GIS database.

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