Now mobile phones are not only means for communication but also mobile phones are helping developing countries for their health-related issues. America based company; Voxiva is using technology to assist government services in Rwanda. World Bank and the United States government helped the company to expand the Voxiva’s technology. Voxiva has been working with the Rwanda Government for about three years. The company has developed an information technology system for health workers to collect and share information about HIV/AIDS. Rwanda health centres provide information about HIV/AIDS report into the system every week. Citizens can use various sorts of technology, including the Internet to connect the system. Most of the health care centres are using mobile phone for transferring the data. Users can receive the information by just one click of mobile phones. Rwanda Government has spent one million dollars to develop the TRACNet system. Rural health centres in the Amazon Basin of Peru have been using a Voxiva system for more than five years. They are using mobile phones for sending information about cholera, measles and other diseases. Indonesians are using Voxiva technology to follow cases of bird flu.

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