Effective use of telemedicine mammography in North Dakota and South Dakota

Indian women living in North Dakota and South Dakota are getting their mammograms read in Ann Arbor, Mich., without ever leaving the reservation. University of Michigan radiologists sought to improve delivery of traditional mobile mammography. In this, a large truck equipped with mammography machines travels to various sites. They are using digital mammography instead of films and adding satellite capability. It has been found that the digital mammograms could be beamed to radiologists who could read them in Ann Arbor. Mobile mammography is a critical way for Native American women to get a mammogram, by transmitting the mammograms by satellite, a radiologist could read them on the spot and three-quarters of the women who needed more images had those done immediately or within fewer than three days as stated by r. Marilyn Roubidoux of the University of Michigan Medical School.


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