BT Managed Vocera Solution in UK

The Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS trust in Truro has come out with an innovative system that allows staff to contact each other instantly anywhere in the hospital through a voice activated, wearable badge. The hands-free device operates on a BT wireless LAN, weighs less than two ounces and enables users to speak to each other instantly. By simply saying a person’s name or department, users are automatically connected with the appropriate person and can speak to them just like on a normal telephone. The BT Managed Vocera Solution system is expected to improve productivity by offering significant time and cost savings over alternative methods of communications with its ability to locate and contact key personnel immediately. BT Managed Vocera offers many advantages over technologies such as paging, walkie-talkies, and mobile phones. Using this system, staff no longer have to remember phone numbers or stop what they are doing as they make or receive a call. BT Managed Vocera can broadcast to a number of people, such as a team of specialists, to form a rapid response unit. It can also find staff by function and location giving people the ability to call the nearest nurse, for example.The system is based on a BT wireless local area network and uses mobile Voice over Internet Protocol technology to convert voice into IP packets that can be transmitted over the network and reassembled into voice at the receiving device. It covers the entire hospital and will enable both voice and data applications such as electronic patient records, cardiac monitoring and telemetry to pass over the wireless infrastructure. The system overcomes many of the deficiencies of alternative technologies in this highly specialised field and we are delighted to be working with the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, which is trail-blazing this technology in the UK healthcare market. Simon Goodwin, director of IT for the Cornwall NHS Community, said Instant secure and reliable communications is vital in a hospital setting. The new system is simple to use and helps to respond more quickly to our patients’ needs.


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