Why Personal Health Record is inevitable ?

Personal Health Records (PHR) have the potential to enhance healthcare and reduce costs, argues Prime India Healthcare Solutions Managing Director V Vinod Sharma

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Debunking the 5 myths of EMR Implementation

By Malav Kapadia, Vice President, Sales, HealthFore Around the world, electronic medical records (EMRs) are being implemented to improve patient

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Chronic Disease management &The Role of Technology

There are various diseases that are ideal candidates for chronic disease management programmes. We will have a look at one

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The Accelerators in Healthcare

Barcode Readers make sure that patients receive the correct medications at the correct time by electronically validating and documenting medications

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“Our Prime Focus is Easy and Affordable Access of Doctor”

With patient monitoring systems medical database becomes an effective tool in better treatment of patient with informed decisions S Jayadeep

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MedicalMine Inc

      Name of Company: MedicalMine Inc Address: MedicalMine Inc. 5611, Highland Road, Pleasanton, CA 94588 Products: ChARM EHR

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To improve patient safety, health information technology needs better oversight

To protect Americans from potential medical errors associated with the use of information technology in patient care, a new report

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Digital Hospitals Enhance Performance and Patient Safety : Gp Capt (Dr) Sanjeev Sood, Indian Air Force, Hospital and Health Systems Administrator

[This article was published in the July 2010 issue of the eHEALTH Magazine (http://www.ehealthonline.org)]

GP capt (Dr) Sanjeev Sood, Hospital and Health Systems Administrator serving in indian air force, Jodhpur, provides useful insight into the benefits achieved due to successful digitisation of a hospital in the USA.

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Challenges in Current Medico- Legal Environment in India : D. Samuel Abraham, Legal Offi cer, Directorate, CMC Hospital, Vellore

[This article was published in the December 2009 issue of the eHEALTH Magazine (http://www.ehealthonline.org)]

The article focuses on the laws pertaining to the health services in India and discusses certain cases that put light on the various issues and challenges faced by the medical industry.

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[This article was published in the September 2009 issue of the eHEALTH Magazine (http://www.ehealthonline.org)]

ICT Enabled Hospital of The Year

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Innovative Healthcare Architecture and Modern Facility Design

[This article was published in the December 2008 issue of the eHEALTH Magazine (http://www.ehealthonline.org)]

Facility design can not only enhance patient experience but also impact the clinical and financial performance of institutions

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