From Bridging Gaps to Fostering Connections, they are Pioneering an Effective Approach to Transforming Doctor-Patient Engagement.

In 2018, Naresh and Haresh Ahuja, the dynamic brothers behind SMS Scientific Products Pvt Ltd, identified a critical communication gap within the healthcare landscape during a routine prostate consultation for their father at Mumbai’s prestigious Lilavati Hospital. This revelation fueled their passion to revolutionize healthcare communication, leading to groundbreaking initiatives that are reshaping the doctor-patient engagement paradigm.

Innovation at the Core

For over three decades, SMS Scientific has been a leading force in designing and developing innovative products tailored to the unique needs of medical professionals. From 24-hour disinfectants incorporating Nano silver technology to healthcare hygiene products and antiseptics formulated according to medical guidelines, SMS’s diverse product line has left an indelible mark on the industry. Their range spans medical utilities, consumables, diagnostic tools, medical sprays, kits, and designer medical cases, all meticulously crafted with inputs from medical experts.

(LtoR) Mr. Naresh Ahuja Founder and CEO and Mr Haresh Ahuja, MD and Co-Founder at SMS Scientific Products Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Naresh Ahuja Founder and CEO and Mr Haresh Ahuja, MD and Co-Founder at SMS Scientific Products Pvt Ltd.

What sets SMS apart is their unwavering commitment to purposeful product design. Collaborating extensively with medical professionals, their products are tailor-made to provide genuine utility and quality, surpassing superficial solutions. The SFD range, specifically designed for doctors, stands out for its unique ability to educate patients in an easily understandable format, effectively bridging the communication gap.

Revolutionizing Doctor-Patient Engagement

SMS Scientific has redefined the landscape of doctor-patient engagement through its innovative range of tools. The SFD consultation tools simplify communication of complex issues, saving time for doctors and serving as a checklist to prevent the omission of crucial points. Designed as desktop companions, their accessibility adds to their appeal, becoming enduring tools for pharmaceutical sponsors seeking brand recall.

The end-to-end solution provided by SMS, from discussions about topics to product development, manufacturing, and delivery, ensures a seamless journey from design to implementation. This approach has garnered collaborations with major pharmaceutical companies like Abbott, SUN, Cipla, Torrent, and more.

Comprehensive Solutions for Medical Communication

SMS Scientific offers a wide array of patient and educational consultation tools designed to enhance medical communication. From interactive slides, anatomical models, and 3D therapy boards to patient-friendly write-n-wipe products or visual guides, their products cater to various aspects of medical communication. Adaptability to multiple languages ensures inclusivity and accessibility across different regions.

Collaborating closely with pharmaceutical companies, SMS creates unique and customized products tailored to specific needs. This collaborative effort ensures that the products developed are not only innovative but also relevant to the diseases targeted by pharmaceutical sponsors. SMS actively seeks the insights of Key Opinion Leaders, ensuring the incorporation of expertise during the product development phase.

Towards a Digital Future

SMS Scientific Products stands out in the medical landscape due to its efficient product design, research-driven content, patient-friendly anatomical illustrations, original design and concept, end-to-end product control, and multilingual capabilities. These factors contribute to the uniqueness and effectiveness of SMS products.

The products offered by SMS foster meaningful connections between doctors, caregivers, and patients by providing accurate and easily understandable information. This streamlined communication facilitates informed decision-making, nurtures trust, and creates a positive healthcare environment.

SMS Scientific envisions contributing to the transformative journey in healthcare communication by developing digital hybrid products. These solutions aim to streamline communication, making healthcare information more accessible and efficient, especially for senior patients and doctors who may not be tech-savvy.

Naresh and Haresh Ahuja of SMS Scientific are at the forefront of transforming healthcare communication. Their commitment to innovation, collaboration, and patient-centric design positions them as key players in shaping the future of healthcare interactions. As they continue to bridge gaps and empower patients with knowledge, the Ahuja brothers’ vision for a more informed and engaged healthcare community is well on its way to realization.

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