Role of Health Economics Outcomes Research in Indian Health Technology Assessment

Shubhram Pandey, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Heorlytics, discussed the company’s role in supporting pharmaceutical companies globally, particularly outside of India at 5th Elets Pharma Leadership Summit and he mentioned that in India, there isn’t a well-established concept of Health Technology Assessment (HTA), so they primarily assist pharma companies in other countries with drug approvals through various HTA bodies, such as AHRQ in the US, NICE in the UK, and CADTH in Canada.

Shubhram also introduced the company’s board of directors, including Barinder Singh and Akanga Sharma, who bring extensive experience in literature reviews and statistics, respectively. They provided an overview of what HTA is and how it involves evaluating healthcare technologies, considering factors like cost-effectiveness, value for money, social and ethical considerations, and budget impact.

He highlighted the varying maturity of HTA adoption worldwide, with more developed systems in the EU, Canada, and New Zealand, and less developed systems in North America and some Middle East regions. Shubhram emphasized the importance of HTA and its benefits, such as maximizing health outcomes and reducing healthcare expenditures.

The presentation then delved into the role of Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) in HTA. Shubhram explained that HEOR combines health economics principles with outcome research to assess the impact of healthcare interventions on outcomes like mortality and survival rates.

They acknowledged that awareness of HEOR in India is still limited and discussed how HEOR supports the drug approval process, where manufacturers need to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness and superiority of their drugs compared to existing options. They highlighted the use of various health economic models in this process.

Shubhram presented Heorlytics as a company with over 100 years of combined experience in the field, emphasizing its successful track record and multidisciplinary team. They described the company’s services, including evidence synthesis, economic modeling, advanced analytics, and data visualization, providing a comprehensive solution for HEOR needs.

He concluded and said that “Heorlytics offers expertise and services in Health Economics and Outcomes Research to support pharmaceutical companies in navigating the HTA process and gaining drug approvals in various global markets.”

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