Strengthening your heart on World Heart Day

World Heart Day 2022

World Heart Day, which is celebrated on the 29th of September every year, makes people aware of heart diseases and the need to adopt preventive measures. This year the theme displays ‘Use Heart for Every Heart.’ With the same thought, our industry leaders share their views on World Heart Day.

Vikram Thaploo, Chief Executive Officer, Apollo TelehealthVikram Thaploo

Nearly 3.6 million deaths take place in India because of cardiovascular disease (CVD). The concerning part is that it is more prevalent among the younger population. Research has also shown that Indians have the highest rates of coronary artery disease (CAD). Also, India’s age-standardised CVD death rate is higher than the global average rate. This calls for much-needed attention towards the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases by raising awareness of the different aspects of CVD. While preventative steps like making changes in lifestyle such as eating healthy, staying active, quitting smoking, and managing stress are crucial to good heart health, we also need to employ modern technology for real-time remote diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. Telemedicine, and by extension, telecardiology fulfills the needs of patients through fast, reliable, sustainable, and less expensive services. Apart from that, advances in technology are making it possible for machines to accurately and quickly analyse large amounts of data. This learning improves decision-making, accurate diagnosis, and treatment planning by detecting specific patterns in patient data. Cardiovascular doctors and scientists are now combining artificial intelligence with clinical practice for better care. Remotely connected care allows electrocardiogram (ECG) diagnosis using cloud technology and bluetooth-enabled cardiac devices which measure the parameters and transmit them back to healthcare providers without physically visiting the clinic. Connected, remote monitoring healthcare enables physicians to get timely notifications of changes in their patient’s heart conditions to make necessary interventions, thus adding value by ensuring patient safety and reducing healthcare costs.

Ashok Patel, CEO, and Founder, Max VentilatorMr-Ashok-Patel

While we should be careful about our health including cardiac health at all times, this World Heart Day should serve as a great reminder of the ever-increasing risks from cardio-vascular conditions to all of us. The fact that younger people are increasingly experiencing heart attacks and events of cardiac arrest must make us pause and ponder. Of course, today’s unhealthy lifestyle habits have been a major source of the problem. Not eating right and on time, excessive exercising without making a realistic self-assessment of one’s physiological limits, increasing uptake of alcohol and tobacco, and being under perpetual mental and psychological stress due to work or general competitiveness to forge ahead in life and career have all combined to catalyze a rise in cardio-vascular cases today. While the cases of celebrities are reported, we do not know the full extent of the problem since such events with ordinary people rarely come to light. We must also remember that there has been a surge in post-Covid cardio-vascular incidents wherein ventilators had played an important role in stabilizing a large number of patients. So as a manufacturer of these lifesaving devices, we hope that our devices can help improve the lung and heart health of as many patients as possible given the linkage between the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Neha Rastogi, Founder and COO, AgatsaNeha Rastogi

There has been a rapid increase in heart incidents in India, making awareness a necessity. Moreover, sedentary lifestyles, smoking, and alcohol consumption contribute to this burden. Increasing awareness about CVD and its associated risks can, however, greatly reduce the number of CVD-related deaths. Keeping these diseases at bay can be achieved by doing regular screenings, arranging CPR workshops, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Increasing awareness not only reduces the number of CVD-related deaths but also motivates individuals to take preventive measures such as proactive screenings.

Awareness is the key to preventing, detecting, and treating diseases. Many start-ups are working in the sector of making healthcare accessible and available for all and we at Agatsa, are on a mission to revolutionise healthcare with the use of technology. We enable users to quickly capture their heart data, create a report on the smartphone and share it with the doctors instantly.


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