Pristyn Care

Pristyn Care is a leading healthcare provider that performs advanced secondary care surgeries. It has a wide ecosystem of 150+ clinics, 800+ partner hospitals, and 400+ in-house super-specialty surgeons currently operating in 40+ cities across India. Pristyn Care takes care of patients throughout the treatment journey starting from their first OPD (consult), diagnostics, admission process, IPD (surgery), and discharge process, and ensures post-discharge care, including regular post-op consultations, medical checkups, etc. Patients are physically examined in OPDs by doctors who guide patients through their diagnosis and advise treatment as per Standard Treatment Workflows. Most patients are treated on an OPD basis for their ailments. Surgeries are recommended only if it is absolutely needed. Pristyn Care functions under its five guiding principles called ‘CARES’ which stands for Comfort, Accessibility, Reliability, Excellence, and Safety. This ensures better transparency, care, and complete patient safety.

Pristyn Care provides treatment in well-established hospitals which are identified and empanelled based on stringent structural and functional audits including detailed checks on licenses, safety measures, and staffing capabilities. Pristyn Care’s team manages the OT slots and rooms in hospitals for the surgery. A team of expert surgeons performs surgeries for over 50+ diseases using advanced medical equipment such as Laser, laparoscopy, Microdebriders, Lasik, etc. across the country. Pristyn Care also has a dedicated patient experience team to address patient/attendant queries during their stay at the hospital. Technology acts as an enabler helping deliver these services seamlessly.

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