World Cancer Day 2021: History and Significance


This is a global initiative which brings the world together to combat the cancer epidemic worldwide; urging governments and individuals to take action against the deadly disease.

World Cancer Day is observed on February 4. It is an opportunity to rally the international community to stop the injustice of preventable suffering from cancer. This is a global initiative which brings the world together to combat the cancer epidemic worldwide; urging governments and individuals to take action against the disease, as a whole.

World Cancer Day: Significance

It embodies reaffirmation of the significance of this objective of raising awareness. The day sets out to send a important message that we can deal with this global emergency and play our part in controlling the disease. It enables everyone to spur into action.

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The campaigns aim at assuaging the misconceptions, myths surrounding cancer and educate people to identify symptoms, get the right treatment and reduce the number of deaths.

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World Cancer Day 2021: Historical Facts behind this day

1. Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) that was established in 1993, had created World Cancer Day in 2000.

2. WHO and several other international organizations support UICC in its endeavours to coordinate and spread cancer awareness globally.

3. It was at the first World Summit against Cancer that was held in Paris where this decision to observe this day had originated.

4. Leaders of governments agencies and cancer organizations around the world had drawn up a document containing 10 articles which outlines a cooperative global commitment to enhancing the quality of life of cancer patients. This document was called Charter of Paris Against Cancer. It aims at making consistent investment in the advancements of cancer research, prevention and treatment globally.

What does the UICC do and how the World Cancer Day is observed?

UICC works throughout the year with the sole objective to save millions of people out there from the bouts of cancer. In its attempt to boost awareness, UICC partners with health and cancer institutions, formulates educational activities, makes public service announcements.

Also, a number of educational publications and items concerning cancer prevention are put up on the websites by the health institutions and cancer centres in honour of the World Cancer Day.

This day is observed in certain places by organizing a parade or a local fund-raising event, such as a march, or a concert, gala or an auction. The entire week can be seen honoured by few countries through airing special television broadcasts or radio programs about cancer.

In 2017 the theme was ‘I can, we can’ which meant that the power to address the cancer burden lies in all. So, it is possible to lessen the cancer risk factors, overcome the challenges of early diagnosis, treatments and palliative care. 2021’s theme is ‘I Am and I Will’, harping the potential to be victorious in this battle.

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